Vitals: Joseph Seiler

Joseph (1687-1739/40) b. Willenstein, Germany; r. Melsbach, Germany (parents unknown)

Wife unknown (1687-  ) b. Schoenberg, Germany; r. Melsbach


1. Ulrich (1706-1707) b. Wilsteig/Willenstein & Switzerland
2. Daniel (1708-1778) b. Sembach/Schamburgh, Germany; r. Frederick Co., MD (m. Anna ____)
3. Catherine Hedwig (1712-  ) b. Obermehlingen, Germany
4. Jacob (1715-1793) b. Obermehlingen; r. Somerset Co., PA (m.Magdalena Stald)
5. Gertrude (1718-1719) b. Ischbach, Waldfischbach, Germany – died in infancy
6. Gertrude (1720-  ) b. Ischbach
7. Johannes “John” (1723-1725) b. Ischbach; r. Switzerland – died in childhood


“Descendants of Joseph Seiler.” 17 April 2013

Records by father Joseph and son Jacob Seiler who inherited a book in 1740 in which they were hand-written; A Collection of Religious Readings. Menno Simon, ed., 1575

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