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Ulie “Julius the Farmer” Buman (1369-1725):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Zimmerberg, Canton Zurich. See Introduction: Bowman for more.

Henry Lehman (1535-  ):
(from Krause-associated familes) His 4 X Great-grandson Benedict (1702) left generations of Swiss Amish to be one of the first to settle Berks Co., PA.

Gilgan Moser/Moeschler/Musser (1550- ):
(from Krause-associated families, although the Joseph Miller family contains a German Hans Musser) Born and raised in Langnau, Bern Canton, he married Rosina Muller of the same town in 1579 and produced six generations from there. Emigres Nicklaus I and Catherina Schwartz Musser probably came to Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., PA, in 1749.

Peter Stutzman (1570- ):
(from both Joseph Miller & Krause-associated families) Going back 15 generations, this Amish family was among the first settlers in Berks Co., PA. Peter’s 4 X Great-grandson Christian, Sr., married Barbara Hostetler, as survivor of the “Hostetler Massacre” of 1757.

Melchior “The Exile/Refugee” Brenneman (1631-after 1673):
(from Krause-associated families) Born in Canton Bern; lived in Ober-Diessbach before fleeing to Griesheim, Germany and coming to American (c.1709). See Introduction: Brenneman for more.

Johann Michael Miller I (b.1632):
(see Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Zollikofen, Canton Bern, Switzerland, the first of three generations so named and patriarch of third line of Millers in Somerset County, PA.  See  Introduction:  Mary/Johannes Michael Miller.

Jaken Leibundgut/Livengood (c.1680):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Going back 12 generations to Switzerland, he was the grasndfather of the Rev. Peter Livengood, Sr. (1730-1826), Amish bishop in Somerset Co., PA.

Leonardi Burgi/Berkey (after 1688-1795):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Born in Swizerland, perhaps near Italian border and married Anna Catherine Facesh before emigrating to Mifflin Co., PA.

Davit/Michael Sauter (1707- ):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) Daughter Maria Magdalena (1727-1801) was born in Moerschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland, married German Johannes Michael Zimmerman, Sr., and raised as many as nine children in Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA.

Ulrich Speicher (1702/12-1785):
(from Krause-associated families) Born in Koniz, he and wife Maria came to the Northkill Amish settlement, Berks Co., PA, in 1737, where they raised five children. The oldest, J. Christian (1730/38-1797), the first three generations of the same name, farmed in Stonycreek, Somerset Co., PA. Later generations converted to German Brethren, or “Dunkard” and moved to Western MD.

J. Ulrich Mishler (before 1715):
(from Krause-associated families) His father probably shared the same name (1687) and was born in Swartzenberg, Welden Canton. He emigrated to the Palatinate in 1711, to Baden-Durlach, Wurtemburg, Germany in 1728, then to Philadelphia in 1737. The younger Ulrich and first wife Anna Dodrea Mueller Zug lived in Blue Mountain, Berks Co., PA.

Johannes Hanauer/Horner (1719-  ):
(from Joseph Miller-associated families) He married Anna Elizabeth Grocost of Bavaria and emigrated to York Co., PA. Son Solomon farmed in Somerset Co., PA.

(in & around Emmenthal region – our Amish/Mennonite origin)

Modern single-family dwelling

Multi-family house-barn combination

Modern Swiss farmwife with old-fashioned broom

Susan Pearce at chalet with spring flowers & leftover winter firewood

Typical friendly Brown Swiss

Sheep safely grazing just outside our kitchen window

Horse-drawn sickle bar mower in the middle of a small town

Larry Pearce sampling at world-famous Frey Chocolate Factory (Are they relatives?)

Beautifully adorned cemetery, a Swiss tradition

  *some origins include or mention Germany and France, especially when our ancestors  traveled through these countries while emigrating.

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  1. Jennifer Payne says:

    I am so impressed with your website! I am wondering if you have any additional information on the Swiss House-Barn in your photo collection. I am working on a book project about Swiss farm life. My particular family lives in a house barn. Just wanted to know how the building was separated, etc. Any information you give me would be so helpful. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I have forwarded your inquiry to my friend, Swiss tour guide, and editor/publisher of MENNONITE FAMILY HISTORY, Lois Ann Mast of Morgantown, PA ( lois@masthof.com ). She may write to you first, but do get to know her as she can help with your book. My wife and I have been to Switzerland three times, but during last year’s trip with Lois Ann we got to tour a real SBH. I’ll go ahead and post your inquiry on my page in hopes of getting some additional help for you. Please keep me in the loop. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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