Vitals: Johann Philip, Sr. & Anna Elisabeth Voltz Kimmel

Charles Messner's photo of original print, courtesy Geneva Kimmell, Ft. Wayne, IN

Charles Messner’s photo of original print, courtesy Geneva Kimmell, Ft. Wayne, IN

Johann Philip, Sr. (1695-1777) b. Ginsheim, Kurpfaltz Valley, Hessen, Germany; r. Red Run, York Co., PA (son of Johann Michael Kimmel & Anna Margaethe Souther/Sauter)
-burial: Kimmel Farm Cemetery, Bermudian, York Co., PA

Anna Elizabeth Voltz (1703-1751) b. Eich, Germany; r. Darmstadt, Germany (daughter of Andrew Voltz & Anna Elizabeth Rhein; she is said to have been a “wealthy lady”)
-burial: Kimmel Farm Cemetery

Married: June 10, 1721, Ginsheim, Germany

Religion: German Baptist Brethren (Dunkard)

Emigrated: (after the death of Anna) 1755 landing at Alexandria/ Bell Haven, VA

Children: (order uncertain)

l. Conrad (1722-  )
2. Johann Philip, Jr. (1723/4-1796/1804) b. Darmstadt; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Anna Christina Catherine Henn(z) – our line)
3. Johann Nicholaus (1728-1804) (m. Susannah Weber)
4. Maria Christina (1731-1741)
5. Anna Maria (1732-1746)
6. Johann Jacob ( 1726/34-1818) d. Berlin, Somerset Co. (Where there two Jacobs or was this a Christian first name?)
7. Jacob Michael, Sr. (1735/6-1818) b. Darmstadt; r. Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., or York Co., PA (m. Juliana Ester Asper)
8. Johann George, Sr. (1743-1818) d. Pittsburgh, PA (m. Julia Ann Ruby)
9. Johann Anthony (1745/6-1817) d. Baltimore, MD
10. Anna Margaretha (1738-1751)


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