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Carl Ferdinand & Margaret Georg Krause

US Citizenship Papers – 1882

Ferdinand Krause grave, Cove, MD

Margaret Georg Krause stone, Cove, MD

Charles Frederick’s (clerical error?) Baptism Certificate -1884

Charles Frederick’s (clerical error?) Confirmation Certificate – 1892

Charles, Annie, &
baby Ernest (1910)

Professional theater, Mt. Playhouse, Jennerstown, PA (1941) reconstructed by Charlie Krause (Dick & Hilda Miller in picture)

World War II, 1940s

Pop (Charles) & Mom (Annie Lee) Krause (c.1950)

Krause kids @ Mom & Pop’s, Jennerstown (c.1922)

Pop & Mom Krause family (c.1952)

Charles “Pop” Krause (c.1973)

Charles “Pop” & Annie “Mom” Krause, Laurel Trinity Cemetery, Jennerstown, PA

Hilda Krause Miller
(Late 1940s)
Is this a Jaguar Roadster?

Hilda Krause Miller
Niverton Lime Co.
MC Baer, Proprietor
Was this where her dad worked?

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