Vitals: Joseph M. & Mary “Polly” Taylor Berkey

Joseph M. (1766-1857) b. Berks Co., PA; r. Paint Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Jacob S. & Anna Elizabeth Mishler Berkey)

Mary “Polly”* (1768/72-before 1850) b. PA; r. Paint Twp., Somerset Co. (parents unknown)

Marriage: 1787/91, Somerset Co.


1. Jacob T. (1792-1872) b. Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA; r. Somerset Co. (m. Elizabeth Sadorus – our line)
2. Henry (1795-1877) b & r PA
3. Betsy (1800- ) b. Somerset Co. (Could Betsy & Elizabeth have been the same person?)
4. Elizabeth (1802- ) b. Somerset Co.
5. Mary (1807- ) b & r Somerset Co.

* Research continues as to Mary “Polly” being a descendant of Abiah Taylor (b. 1630/50) and son Abiah, Jr. (b. 1673), who came to America from England with his brother Joseph as early as 1708. Abiah, Jr. built a brick house, stone barn, grist mill, and several out buildings in 1724 that are still standing in Copesville, West Chester, PA, and are on the National Historic Register. Mary “Polly” may be a GX3 granddaughter (b. 1777) of the Englishman, however husband Joseph of Berks Co. was surely Amish-Mennonite. Another Mary Taylor was the wife of Jacob Rambo (1766-before 1834), brother of our Anna Maria Rambo Lincoln. They were married at the Gloria Dei Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, also still standing and on the National Historic Register.


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Various Public Member Family Trees, Censuses, & other documents.


2 Responses to Vitals: Joseph M. & Mary “Polly” Taylor Berkey

  1. Shawn says:

    I am also a descendant of Jacob Berkey and ELizabeth Sadoris.

    I have been researching Abiah Taylor’s family and found 3 genealogies which state Abiah’s daughter Mary married Thomas Underhill, who died in 1806. Their supposed marriage in 1783 reported in the Bradford Monthly Meeting precludes her marrying Joseph Berkey. There is no mention of Berkey marriage in the books which range from 1875 to 1901 and were the Genealogies of the Smedley’s, Darlingtons, and Palmer Trimble families (all married to Abiah Taylor’s family. I also could find one in the Monthly Meeting records

    What do you think of the possibility of her parents being John Taylor who was the right age in 1800 in Somerset County census but disappears after the 1800 census. Only he and a female, probably his wife, were in the household in 1800. They either moved or both died before 1810.

    • admin says:

      Hi Shawn,
      You have some very convincing material. Thanks. I tried to qualify the uncertainties on my Vitals page. Your research is now a part of it all. I’d like to know more about our Polly’s parents.

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