Formal E-GEN Launch Announcement (4/20/11)

Dear Pearce, Gray, Miller, Krause and related family members:
Consider this a special invitation to be a part of a research project that has been going on for 10 years and is expected to continue at least through the lives of our descendants. Today we are formally launching a new website called “E-GEN~an Electronic Genealogy” (click on and bookmark, please).

To date there are 55 surnames with actual or potential family trees. While many edits, revisions, corrections, and additions must be made yet, I hope that you will navigate your families’ portion over this holiday weekend and share it with family near and far. You may forward this e-mail, save or print the articles and photos, or just let us know that you have received this note. But, by all means, send us new addresses for our mail folder.
Our greatest desire is that you would forward pictures, stories, or information to be archived with this website for future generations. Would you like us to send future articles and research findings directly to you? Let us know.
Thank you for being a part of this important work, and Happy Easter!
Larry & Susan Pearce ( LRYPEARCE@GMAIL.COM )
5984 Somerset Pike, Boswell, PA 15531
(814) 629-5272

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