Vitals: Andrew/Andreas & Susannah Peterson Baush

Andrew/Andreas  (1775-1830) b. Huntington Twp., York Co., PA, moved to Somerset Co., PA, in 1808; r. Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co. (son of Joseph & Anna Barbara Stahl Baush; Farmer)
-burial: Union Cemetery, Stoystown, Somerset Co., PA (See “Show map” for GPS)

Susannah Peterson (1788/94-1862) b. York Co.? r. Quemahoning Twp. (daughter of Ruel & Catherine Lehmer Peterson)
-burial: Union, IOOF, or Mt. Tabor Reformed Church Cemetery, Stoystown, Somerset County, probably because of later passing

Marriage: abt. 1803, York Co. 1820 Census records present a problem with the Susannah’s birth year and the ages of the youngest children. Could she have been a second wife? Were all 14 children hers? Research continues.

Children: (14 – most full names, dates, & order uncertain)

1. Elizabeth? (1804-1876) b. Monaghan Twp., York Co. (m. Daniel Zimmerman)
2. Johannes “John” (1806-1866) b. Quemahoning Twp., Somerset County, PA
3. Johanna “Hanna” (1808-1885) b. Quemahoning Twp.
4. Joseph (1810-1893/94) b. Quemahoning Twp.; christened Stoystown Lutheran (m. Rebecca Stauffer)
5. Catherine (1812- ) b. Quemahoning Twp.
6. George W. (1814-1890) b. Somerset Co.
7. William (1817-  ) b. Quemahoning Twp.
8. Jacob (1818-1894/95) b & r Quemahoning Twp.; christened Stoystown Reformed Church (m. Rebecca Sell – our line)
-burial: St. James Lutheran Cemetery, Jenner Twp., Somerset Co., PA
9. Andrew*/Andreas Peterson, Jr. (1821- ) b. Quemahoning Twp.
10. Louisa* (c. 1822/28-1906) (m Isaac Blanset) b. Quemahoning Twp.
11. Susanna* (1823-1876) b. Quemahoning Twp.
12. Daniel* Henry (1825-1870) b. Quemahoning Twp.
13. Nancy Sarah (1829/30- ) b. Quemahoning Twp.
14. Rose Ann (  ) b. Quemahoning Twp.

* These children baptized in the Stoystown Evangelical Lutheran Church


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see “Our Baush Family Tree”



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