Table of Contents: Hill


Our Hill Family Tree

Hill Tree from John Dixon (1824-1915) to Today

Hill Tree from Joseph Marshall Branch (1858-1939) to Today

Vitals: Our William & Elizabeth Dixon Hill Families

Some Cemeteries in Western PA Containing Family

Historical Places of Interest, North Park, Allegheny Co, PA

Locating Family Sites in Western PA & OH

Before, During, & After the World Wars: Letters & Cards from
the Hill-Moon Families – Parts I, II, III, IV, & V

Reunions of the Joseph & Alice Hill Family: 1960-1968

Cousins Corner: Grace (Hill) TeSelle (b. 1928)
Cousins’ Corner: In Memoriam Nettie Stark (1924-2012) & Alice Drescher (1925-2017)
Cousins’ Corner: Jim Stark (b. 1924) A Man for all Seasons

A Surprising Short Side Trip

Research/Writing in Progress

Can you Name any of these Western PA Hills?

Photo Album: Hill

Capt. John Dixon Hill in the Civil War
The Four Captain John D. Hill & Sons’ Farms in Butler & Allegheny Counties

Interesting Obituary: GGgreat-aunt Mary Ann (Hill) Thorn
Leesburg, PA’s Exemplary Citizen: GGgreat-uncle Robert Barber Hill

A 1905 Hill-Pearce Father-to-Daughter Letter
Meet my Grandma, Bessie Reed (Hill) Pearce
The Story of Bessie (Hill) & Wesley Pearce
by Grace Hill TeSelle, cousin

World War I Letters: Part I – Harry Arrives at Camp
World War I Letters: Part II – Influenza Strikes Harry
World War I Letters: Part III – Well Enough to Tour
World War I Letters: Part IV – Home for Christmas?

Memories of Uncle Carl Raymond Hill & Family
The Life Story of Mayme (Hill) & Rev. Dr. Russell Crummy
The Life Story of Myra (Hill) & Clarence Miller
From Tragedy to Triumph: The Hazel (Hill) & Alex Nicely Story
all by Grace Hill TeSelle, niece

The Old Hill & Marshall Wills

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