Vitals: J. Michael B. III & Catherine Elizabeth Zimmerman Kimmel

Johann Michael B. III (1760-1819) b. York Co.; r. Stoystown, Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co. (son of Johann Philip, Jr. & Anna Christina Catherine Henn(z) Kimmel)

Catherine Elizabeth Zimmerman (1761/6-1823/36) b. ?; r. Stoystown, Quemahoning Twp. (daughter of Johannes Michael, Sr. & Maria Magdalena Sauter Zimmerman)

Married: 1782 York Co., PA, First (Trinity) Reformed

Burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown, PA


1. Magdalena (1786- ) (m. Samuel Horner)
2. Catherine (1788-  ) (m. John Horner)
3. Jacob M. (1795-  ) (m. Elizabeth Mauer)
4. John (  )
5. Eve (1774?-1852) (m. Christian Spangler) note: one source has an Eve Kimmel marrying Philip Folk/Volk (1779-1843); a second marriage or another Eve?
6. Michael (1798-1878) b & r Quemahoning Twp. (m. Elizabeth C. Zimmerman – our line)


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5 Responses to Vitals: J. Michael B. III & Catherine Elizabeth Zimmerman Kimmel

  1. David Spangler says:

    Researching my 5th ggf, Christian Spangler. By all accounts he was married to Eve Kimmel. Does anybody have a definitive source document referencing this and further referencing her parents? Just trying to understand how everybody has attached Eve, born 1774, to Johann Michael Kimmel, born 1760, and Catherine Zimmerman, born 1761, who were not married until 1782. Just makes no sense to me. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Interesting problem, David. Looks like Johann Michael & Catherine would have been too young to parent Eve. To further confound the issue, I see apparently another (?) Eve Kimmel who married a Philip Folk/Volk (1779-1843). Or was it the same Eve and a second marriage? Genealogists struggle with similar names and incorrect dates. We’ll continue to search for the truth. Thanks for point out the problem. Maybe a reader will share the solution.

  2. Jennie says:

    Larry, one discovery I just found shows Eve as being the daughter of Rachel Zimmerman and Johann Michael Kimmel. Rather than daughter of Elizabeth. Not sure if Elizabeth and Rachel were sisters or maybe a transcribing error somewhere.

    • admin says:

      These families are so confusing, my brick wall. I’ll keep trying to find answers if you will. Let’s both share at this venue. Thanks,

  3. Jennie says:

    Hi David, I’ve been thinking that Christian Spangler and his wife Eve are my 6th ggps as well, but I do know that my 5th great grandmother was a Sarah Spangler, borm 25 May 1808 to a C. Spangler and that’s all I have. I also found the will of Christian Spangler where he wills his items to his eldest daughter Susan and sone Michael, so now I’m thinking that this Christian was not the father of my Sarah. I also think that Eve was not a Kimmel, but actually a Zimmerman and the Kimmel lineage was just linked to her as a “maybe” and then carried through. I don’t see any actual proof of that. I do see the menonite records for Johannes and Maria Zimmerman with Eve on their. Let me know fi you’d like any of those documents I have.

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