Vitals: Jacob, Jr. & Anna Barbara Lorentz Hochstetler

Jacob, Jr. (1704-1776) b. Canton Berne, Switzerland; r. Shartlesville, Bern Twp., Berks County, PA (son of Jacob Hochstetler, Sr.)

Anna Barbara Lorentz (1710-1757) b. Canton Berne; r. Shartlesville (parents unknown) Died along with 2 children during Indian raid on family cabin. Three others captured. Ervin Stutzman, author of Jacob’s Choice, believes Mrs. Hochstetler’s name is unknown so he calls her “Lizzie.” After her death at the hands of the Indians and his taken prisoner in 1757 and his eventual return to his family, he marries Anna Yoder. She may have been a widow named Yoder.

Marriage: 1729 Switzerland

Emigration: 1737-38 Charming Nancy to Philadelphia, PA

Children: possibly additional unknown; order uncertain

  1. Barbara (1732-1782) b. Canton Berne, Switzerland; r. Shartlesville, Bern Twp., PA (m. Christian “Christy” Stutzman, Sr. – our line)
  2. John (1730-1805) b. Switzerland; r. Elklick Twp., Somerset Co., PA (m1. Catherine “Katie” Hertzler; m2. Anna Christner)
  3. Jacob “Jakey” III* r. Berks Co. (1738-1757)
  4. Joseph H.* (1743-before 1812) b. Berks Co.; r. Juniata Co., PA  (m1. Anna Blank; m2. Barbara Kauffman)
  5. Christian, Sr.* (1746-1814) b. Berks Co.; r.Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., OH (m. Barbara Rupp)
  6. Veronica* (1751- )
  7. Franey* (   )

* Surnames usually spelled Hostetler in America


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