Vitals: Joseph Marshall & Alice Virginia Moon Hill

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Joseph Marshall (1858-1939) b. Allegheny Co., PA; r. Gibsonia, Pine Twp., PA  (son of John Dixon & Margaret Hill; Insurance Business; my great-grandfather)

Death Certificate: Joseph M. Hill (1858-1939)

Death Certificate: Joseph M. Hill (1858-1939)

buried: Allegheny County Memorial Park, Allison Park, Allegheny Co., PA (See Show Map” for GPS at AMP)

M1. Molly Dunlap (d. before 1885) little is known except that she died during childbirth and is referred to on Joseph and Alice’s marriage application.

M2. Alice Virginia Moon (1865-1947) b. McCandless Twp., Allegheny Co., PA; Gibsonia, Pine Twp. (daughter of  Joseph Myler, Jr & Susan E. Fleming Moon; Homemaker)
cause of death
-buried: Allegheny County Memorial Park (See Show Map” for GPS at AMP)Married: 1886

Joseph M & Alice V. Moon marriage license - Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Pine Twp., 1886

Joseph M. & Alice V. Moon marriage license – Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Pine Twp., 1886

See “Photo Album: Hill” for Joseph & Alice’s estate settlement


1. Bessie Reed (1887-1974) b. Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA; r. Middlesex Twp., Butler Co., PA (m. Wesley H. Pearce, farmer; my grandparents)
cause of death
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery, Pine Twp., PA
2. Mary “Mayme” Fleming (1888-1982) (m. Rev. Dr. Hugh Russell Crummy)
3. Harold “Harry” Alton (1891-1945) (m. Hulda Fisher; Farmer)
4. Carl Raymond (1893-1970) b. Allegheny Co; r. Delaware (m. Deborah Spencer; insurance)
5. Hazel Irene (1896-1932) (died giving birth to twins, Jane & Jean) (m. Alex K. Nicely, plumber)
6. Charles Leroy (1898-1980) b & r Allegheny Co. (m. Martha Ellen Bonin; mechanic)
7. Myra Jean (1899-1978) (m. Thomas Clarence Miller, mechanic)
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetery, Culmerville, West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co.


Family tradition; notes from Alice Dreischer, Nettie Stark, & Jean Ruth Hill

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Grace TeSelle. various e-mails

Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents.



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