Benedict, Sr.  (1702- ) b. Switzerland; r. Berks Co., PA (probably son of Hans Godfryd & Christiana Locher Lehman) As there were as many as three generations of Benedicts, exact dates are difficult to find.

Veronica/Ferona “Frany” Miller (1704-1729/33) b. Europe; r. Berks Co. (parents unknown)

Marriage: 1722

Migration: possibly 1737 aboard Charming Nancy with Christian, Abraham, and Jacob Miller. Ships’ registry has names spelled various ways. Frany would have been deceased by this time. Births after that would have been to a second wife, unknown.

Children: exact order & dates unknown

1. Jacob
2. Hans “John” (1724-1842) b. Europe; r. Somerset Co.
3. Barbara (1726 –  )
4. Benedict, Jr. (1725/8 – 1766/93) b. Berks Co.; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Mary Miller?)
5. Magdalena (bef.1730-1817) b. Berks Co.; r. Somerset Co. (m. Hannes “Indian John” Miller – our line)
6. Catherine “Catrina” (1730 –  ) b. Europe; r. Fayette, GA
7. Peter (1757- ) b. Berks Co.


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  1. Michelle Daniels says:

    I think the 1737 migration aboard Charming Nancy is impossible as (a) both Benedict Sr. and Veronica were deceased by 1737 and (b) Magdalena, Benedict Jr. and Peter were born in Berks, PA. By the way, I think your Peter is really Heinrich Peter (1756-1818) the son of Magdalena and “Indian John” Miller. I suggest that the immigration of Bendict Sr. and Veronica preceded the births of Benedict Jr. and Magdalena so somewhere in the neighborhood of 1725 would be my guess.

    This, of course, assumes Magdalena’s parents to be Benedict Lehman, Sr. (1702-1734) and Veronica Anna Miller (1704-1733) and NOT Bishop Hans Jung Lehman (1702-1776) and Anna Hege (1704-1790). I find it interesting that dates of birth for both pairs are the same. What is your take on Magdalena’s parentage? Also, if Benedict and Veronica are the parents, who raised the children? They would, after all, have been very young and incapable of caring for themselves at the time of their parents death.

    I, by the way, am trying to resolve this conundrum myself so any insight you might have would be welcome.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers,

    • admin says:

      Very interesting, Michelle. I’ll have to revisit the Lehmans again soon. It’s been awhile. As for caring for the youngsters upon the deaths of parents, the Amish-mennonite seemed to have invented the phrase, “It takes a village.” There have been numerous examples of such adoptions and especially re-marriages out of necessity on the American frontier.

  2. Mervin Lehman says:

    I am a direct descendant of Benedict Lehman who immigrated in 1737 aboard the Charming Nancy. This was the second of four Benedict Lehmans. This Benedict settled in Berks County Pa near Hamburg on the Schuylkill River. This is my lineage
    Benedict Lehman
    Benedict Lehman
    Benedict Lehman
    David Lehman
    John Lehman
    Daniel Lehman
    Elva Lehman
    Mervin Lehman

    • admin says:

      Terrific! Knowing where each of your ancestors lived and when would be even better. Hope some of your cousins read and respond. Thanks for your interest,

  3. Scott Lehman says:

    Mervin, you are correct in my opinion. Benedict 1702 was on the Charming Nancy. He had a land warrant in Lancaster 1750, this later became Berks County. My line is as follows:
    Benedict 1702
    Benedict 1727
    John 1749
    Christian 1774
    Joseph 1800
    Joseph 1837
    Henry Ulysses 1868
    Henry Dwight 1901
    Robert Walter 1924
    Research Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies, Gingerich and Kreider
    Layman/Lehman , Carole Wolfhope Lehman
    Before Benedict 1702 is speculation as far as I am aware but certainly possible. There are numerous land warrants, census, and tax records from Berks to Bedford/Somerset Pa. documenting this family. I am a direct descendant, DNA tested. Would be open to sharing information or theories concerning this family.

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