Vitals: Thomas, Jr. & Margaret Watson

Thomas, Jr. (1779/95-1857) b. Northern Ireland; r. There is a Thomas Marion Watson who was born in Henry County, Virginia, and died in Casey County, Kentucky, whose dates match. His son Thompson fought for the South in the ACW, but no other names match. This most likely was not our family. (son of Thomas, Sr. & Elizabeth Willson Watson)

Margaret ___ (1779- ) little is known


  1. Thomas J. III (1814-1887) b. Northern Ireland (m. Mary Fleming – Hopie’s sister? – 19 years younger according to the 1850 & 70 censuses – Hopie’s sister went by “Ellen”)
  2. Hope “Hopie” (1819-1879) b. Northern Ireland; r. Sugar Creek, Venango Co., PA (m. Daniel Cooper Fleming – our line)

    1850 Federal Census
    Sugarcreek Twp., Venango Co., PA
    Fleming & Watson Families


U.S. Federal Census, 1850, Sugar Creek, Venango Co., PA, p.161 (taken July 25)

Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents.


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