Vitals: George Sebastian, Sr. & Christina Helmann

George Sebastian, Sr. (1725-1784) b. Oberlustadt, Germersheim, Pfalz, Germany; r. Lancaster, York, & Adams Counties & Guilford, Franklin Co., PA (son of Jacob & Anna Barbara Barger Helmann)
military: Corporal in Revolutionary War (1779-1781) under Cpt. Samuel Royer & Cpt. Conrad Snider’s companies.
-burial: family farm, New Franklin, Chambersburg, Franklin Co.; stone moved in 1891 when railroad came through; moved again in 1952 to Grindstone Hill Cemetery, Chambersburg, PA. (See cemetery for GPS.)

Tombstone of George Sebastian Helman (1725-1784) Franklin Co., PA

Christina Cook (1729-1810) b. Lustadt, Germersheim, Rheinland, Germany; r. Lancaster, York, Adams, Franklin Counties & Brothersvalley, Somerset Co., PA (parents unknown)
-burial: Grindstone Hill Cemetery, Chambersburg (See cemetery for GPS.)

Marriage: 1750, Germany

Emigration: 1752, to Philadelphia, PA on ship Brothers; lived various places until given a land grant in Franklin County in 1766


  1. Theobald (1752-1785) b. Germany
  2. George Sebastian, Jr. (1752-1832) b. Germany or Lancaster Co., PA
  3. Maria Catherine (1754-1828) b. York Co., PA
  4. Susannah (1756-1827) b. York Co.; r. Stoystown, Somerset Co., PA (m. John Sell, Sr. – our line)
  5. Elizabeth (1758-1785/1850) b. Lancaster Co., PA
  6. John Daniel (1760-1851) b. York or Adams Co., PA


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Last revised 10/15/18

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