Our Lehman* Family Tree

(back 15 generations to Switzerland)

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Henry Lehman* (1535 – )
Unknown ( )
John George Lehman (1558 – )
Unknown ( )
Michael Lehman (c.1608 – )
Unknown ( )
George Lehman (c.1640 – )
Unknown ( )
Hans Godfryd Lehman (1665 – )
(Veronica?) Christina Locher (c.1690 – )
Benedict Lehman, Sr.@ (1702- )
Veronica “Frany” Miller (1704- )
Magdalena (Barbara?) Leman* (1733- )
Hannes “Indian John” Miller, Sr. +(1720-1798)
Elizabeth Miller+(1770- )
Joseph Christoph Speicher, Jr. (1768- )
Joseph Christoph Speicher, III (1797-1862)
Rebecca Musser #(1829-1892)
Laura Catherine Speicher (1859-1919)
Christian F. Lee (1858-1906)
Annie J. Lee (1885-1971)
Charles Frederick Krause (1884-1973)
Hilda Elizabeth Krause (1921-1997)
Richard Orville Miller# (1920- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce (1971- ) Matthew Carter Pearce (1973- )

*Sometimes spelled Leman or some 30 other ways

@Could his father have been also Benedict from a line originating in Worb, Bern, Switzerland around 1623 with Benedict I?

+also ancestor to later northern Somerset County Lutheran, Reformed, and Brethren Millers through the Christian and Abraham Baer Families.(See J. Virgil Miller’s John “Hannes” Miller, Sr., history, p.23.)

#Earlier, Susannah Musser (1785-1818)married Christian “Glades” Miller, Jr. (1779-1865) providing a link into our northern Joseph Miller line. We believe these Mussers are connected to the Benjamin and John Musser family.


see “Hannes ‘Indian John’ Miller”

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6 Responses to Our Lehman* Family Tree

  1. Manfred Nissley says:

    Woah! I have Magdalena (Indian John Miller) as the daughter of Benedict Lehman and Veronica!

    Do you have any information on a Mary Layman who married a Conrad Sellers (1765/-1840)

    • admin says:

      There are many opinions on this one, all supposedly documented. In revisiting my Magdalena, I see that her father was older. Perhaps I missed a generation? We do believe that “Indian John” was married twice, so that could be part of the confusion. I’ll get back to you as I do the Vitals on these associated families. Thanks for calling me on this!

  2. laura lehman says:

    I’m Laura Lehman.I’m one of the newest additions to the Lehman family, born in 2012. I had taken a growth assessment and had a passage about Henry Lehman and wanted to see if he was a relative to my Lehmans when I came across this page. so here I am. ^_^

    • admin says:

      Hi Laura and welcome to the family! Where are you located? We are in Somerset County, PA. Obviously, there are many Henry Lehmans, but you’re probably referring to the one atop our tree, born around 1535. I imagine that he lived in Switzerland before his descendants sailed to America. Please send me anything else you wish to share. Thanks, Larry

  3. Scott Lehman says:

    Hello my name is Scott Lehman do you have any documentation to support this? Thanks.

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