Table of Contents: Thomas Campbell


Our Thomas Campbell Family Tree

Vitals: Thomas & Mary Crawford Campbell Families

Cemeteries Containing Pearce/Gray-associated Family

Locating Family Sites in Western PA & OH

Some Community Facebook Pages: Gray-associated Families

Photo/ Document Album

Research/Writing in Progress

Background on the Old Campbell Clans
Background on the Scots-Irish
Some Scottish Symbols & Traditions
Naming Practices in Scotland

The Descendants of Thomas & Mary Crawford Campbell
Our Campbell “Cousins” & Other Interesting People

Our Families’ Special Connection to H.J. Heinz’ Sesquicentennial Celebration

Life on the Campbell Farm (1850-present)
The William Campbell Farm & East Union Cemetery
When Bad Things Happen: The Sad Story of Ellis Campbell

Memories of my Campbell Grandparents:
Part I
Part II
More Memories of “Will” & Rachel Campbell

Great Uncle Ray’s World War I Diary: Part I
Part II
Part III

Campbell Family Misfortunes

My Great Campbell Uncles, Cliff & Bill

Memories of Helen Campbell Johnson’s Childhood

Meet Native American Guyasuta

Last revised 12/10/19

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