Table of Contents: Jack


Our Jack Family Tree

Vitals: 300 Years of our Jack Families

The Rev. William Jack & the Bull Alley Church, Dublin

Clearing up Confusion Over Names: Jack

Our Capt. James Jack’s Will (1776)

Cousin/Captain James Jack Statue, Charlotte, NC (b.1748)

The Mecklenburg, NC, Declaration of Independence (1775)

The Hanna’s Town, PA, Resolves (1775)

Research/Writing in Progress

Last revised 1/23/18

2 Responses to Table of Contents: Jack

  1. Margie & Blaine Smith says:

    Margie is a great-granddaughter of Perry Warren Jack through Etta Jack who married Clyde Milton Tompkins. We don’t have much information, past Porter James Jack and Annis Willard. Any assistance would be great.

    Thank you!

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