Vitals: Jacob T. & Elizabeth Sadoris Berkey

Jacob T. (1792-1872) b. Conemaugh Twp., Cambria Co., PA; r. Paint & Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Joseph M. & Mary “Polly” Taylor Berkey)
-burial: Oddfellows (IOOF) Cemetery, Stoystown, Somerset Co., PA (See “Show map” for GPS

Elizabeth Sadorus Berkey

Elizabeth Sadoris (1798-1888) r. Quemahoning Twp. (daughter of William & Catherine Mauer Sadoris+)
-burial: Oddfellows (IOOF) Cemetery, Stoystown, Somerset Co., PA (See “Show map” for GPS

Elizabeth Sadorus Berkey

Children: at least 9 total*

1. Daniel (1819-1893)
2. Susanna (1821-1888) b & r Quemahoning Twp. (m. Benjamin Bowman – our line) -burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
3. William IV b & r Quemahoning Twp. (1823-1903) (m. Caroline Mauer, daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Walker Mauer)
Military: Civil War GAR, 93rd Infantry, Co. K, PA Volunteers
4. Mary (1827-1913) (m1. John H. Speicher; m2. Sam Fleegle)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown 5.
5. Caroline (1827-1917)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
6. Sarah? (1828-1911)
-burial: IOOF, but in different lot
7. Henry S.
8. Jacob, Jr.
9. Louise (1830-1923) (m. Gideon Berkebile) living with parents in 1850 census. Reason unknown. Catherine Ludorf/Ludonig (b.1776) also living there. Was this Catherine’s mother remarried widow?
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
10. Oliver  (1838-1863)
11. Anne C.* (1856-1890)
12. Jeremiah* (1852-1931)

+Josiah Berkey bio shows “Sadoris” as “Ledoris” and says that William Berkey married Catherine Maurer.  Caroline did have a sister Catherine, but Jeremiah Maurer’s bio says that Catherine married Samuel Stufft. (Note from Beverly Meadows 8/8/18 )

*It’s uncertain which, if any, of these are J & E’s children, but they are interred in Lot #1 with them, IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown. They’re probably from the next generation. Could the undated one have died in infancy? Also, some historians list Daniel and Jonathan. Could these have been first or middle names commonly used?


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Cemetery Records: IOOF/Oddfellows Cemetery, Stoystown, PA

“Jacob & Elizabeth Berkey.” 23 December 2016

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Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents.

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  1. David Merringer says:

    My name is David Merringer and I probably live on the old Jacob/Elizabeth Berkey farm. I dug a pond in front of my house and came upon an old foundation. After some research and according to an old map of Quemahoning Twp. (1876 available online), an Elizabeth Berkey lived there. I’m on Skunk Hollow Road, Stoystown, PA. Please give me a call sometime.

    • admin says:

      Hi David,
      I have your phone number and will call. I can share a recent speech by a Bedford resident acquainted with the old Forbes Road at the Somerset Historical Society. I’m sure both of us would like to meet you and have a look. I’ll have to review my wife’s Berkey family. Thanks,

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