Our Jack* Family Tree

(going back 22 generations to France and The Netherlands)Table of Contents

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William James* (1338-  )
Margarett Augstone (1342-  )
John James (1370-1409)
Christine Anesty (1371-1409)
Thomas James (1393 -1476)
Jane Kuerell (1398- )
Roger James (1440 -1497)
Sara Morskin (1440 -1497)
Jacob James (1496 -1521)
Sara VanHaestrecht (1502 -1560)
Jacobus Jean James (1528 – 1609)
Corinne Bloedel (1532 – 1609)
Jean Jaques* (1551 – 1643)
Marie Marguerite de Ronde (1555 – 1644)
Guillaume Jaques, Sr. (1591 – 1675)
Marguerite de Gasque (1603 – 1683)
Guillaume/William Jaques, Jr. (1630 – 1713)
Jeanne Daniel (1631 – 1714)
Jacob Jaques (1650-1720)
Nancy Farquhar (1657 – 1689)
Patrick James Jack* (1678 – 1725)
Eleanor “Ellen” Elizabeth Jervis (1679 -1750)
James Jack, Sr. (1705-1790)
Elizabeth McNulty (1705 -1792)
James Jack, Jr. (1728-1776)
Jane Carnahan (1722-1790)
Mary Jane Jack (1749-1821)
John Cooper (1751-1806)
Margaret Cooper (1787-1654)
Lawrence Carlysle Fleming (1784-1862)
Daniel Cooper Fleming (1810-1880)
Hope Watson (1819-1879)
Susan/Susannah Ethel Fleming (1846-1931)
Joseph Myler Moon, Jr. (1835-1905)
Alice Virginia Moon (1865-1947)
Joseph Marshall Hill (1858-1939)
Bessie Reed Hill (1887-1974)
Wesley Herron Pearce (1876-1955)
Ralph Hill Pearce (1917-2002)
Ruth Elizabeth Gray (1917-2005)
Larry Edsel Pearce (1948- )
Susan Kay Miller (1949- )
Annie Rebecca Pearce Matthew Carter Pearce
(1971- ) (1973- )

* originally Jacobus in Latin, Jacques in French, and James in Dutch


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60 Responses to Our Jack* Family Tree

  1. Ron Kerwood says:

    I am uncertain if there is a connection but my 3rd great grandfather, James R. Jack was born 28 April 1794 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, PA. His father, Thomas Jack 1749-1831, and grandfather, Andrew Jack 1731-1760 were all residents of Westmoreland, PA. His great-great grandfather was Patrick Jack 1700-1780 lived in Charlotte, NC but was born in Londonderry, Ireland.

    I have also found Jack ancestry with the Jacques surname and roots in Scotland and France.

    My guess is there may be a connection. Please advise.

    • admin says:

      Ron, if you Google “Jack” you’ll find an abundance of responses, most of which were inspired by one man’s journal. I’m only now getting into our family’s line and I’ll keep you informed. Hope you’ll do the same. Larry

    • admin says:

      I’ve recently spent some time on my/our Jack family. Please look again at the Vitals for each generation. The Westmoreland Jacks probably began with Samuel at Hannastown. Your Patrick (b.1700) of Charlotte was brother to my James, so we are related!

  2. nicholas jack says:

    My last name is Jack, and I am actually trying to figure all this out. I’ve found a lot of correspondence from my great aunt from back in 1964 when she was trying to tie it all together, apparently a lot of information from The Library of Congress and The National Archives going back to James Jack of Mecklinburg (Charlotte). My question is in reference to the “man’s journal” you have spoken of above. Where can this journal be found? Also, if i can be of any help, I would be more than grateful.

    • admin says:

      Dear Nicholas,
      If you’re referring to Thompson’s journal, parts of it may be accessed by Googling “Jack Family Thompson Journal.” I’ve seen parts of it, and yes, we’re apparently related to the famous Charlotte Jack. That surname appears several times among the various branches of my tree. Please let me know what you find out, and I’ll post an Introduction to our family as my research continues. Thanks for your interest.

      • Colleen Sanders says:

        Just found this site and the comments. I am also researching JACK. I descend from Emmons Whitaker JACK, b. 31 Jan 1843, d. 18 Jan 1918.
        Have you found the journals? The actual name is the JV Thompson Journals. Josiah VanKirk Thompson.

        • admin says:

          Hi Colleen,
          I have posted some replies to your inquiry. Yes, the Thompson journals are available for anyone who has the time and patience. I refer to them in my writing. The tough questions come with the JACK’s move from Northern Ireland to America. Anything you can document will be appreciated. Thanks for staying in touch,

  3. Dwayne Jack says:

    I am also a descendant of the Jack Family from overseas. We have a lot of the same ancestors.

    Jacob Jacques (1650 – 1720 ) 8th Generation great grandfather

    James Jack (1679 – 1754) 7th Generation great grand uncle

    James Jack (1705-1790) 6th Generation great grand uncle

    James Jack (1728-1776) 1st Cousin, 7x removed.

    My ancestry line breaks off after Jacob Jacques, with my 7 Generation great grandfather Patrick J. Jack (1678 – 1726), who is the brother of James Jack (1679 – 1754). It took a long time to sort through all of the confusion of the 1650 – 1800 time period due to the fact that the name Patrick, James, Samuel, Jeremiah, John, and William was used in just about every generation by different brothers, etc.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your reply, Cousin Dwayne. Now, if we both could connect to the American hero, James Jack (b.1748) of Charlotte, NC! Since there were so many James in our long line, surely we’re related. His story can be found in an affidavit he filed before a judge at age 82 saying that he had been born in Cumberland, MD, not far from our PA family. In a future story I’ll tell of his famous Revolutionary ride to declare his company’s allegiance to the Colonies. Today, a statue and lane commemorate his bravery.
      Thanks for your comments,

      • Ginny Jacks-Vick says:

        I was poking around and happened upon this site. Anyway, I emailed F. Lee Hastings, (foremost historian on the Jack line). He is checking on the James R. Jack (b .1794 – mentioned by Ron Kerwood). Many other trees have him (James R. Jack) attached to f. Thomas Jack and m. Mary Kincaid. Mr. Hastings is looking for proof of James R. Jack’s parents with paperwork. He said if he found the connection he would let me know via email. So I am still waiting.

    • admin says:

      I recently posted Vitals for some of our Jack family. The Patrick (1678) is our mutual GX?grandfather. His son Patrick, Jr. (b.1700) moved to Charlotte and fathered the famous Cpt. James Jack who carried the “Mechlenberg Declaration” to Philadelphia in 1775. Patrick, Jr.’s brother James is my direct ancestor. Please have a look at the other recent postings.

  4. Gerald ignatius Jack says:

    The Josiah Van Kirk Thompson research includes Josiah’s research done by Gustave Anjou, New York genealogist. Anjou did genealogies of some famous wealthy American families. He has been accused of fraud and connecting families that were not related. My cousin Lee Hastings has done considerable research documenting much of our Jack family lines here in the U.S.. He needs documentation to prove our Jack family roots going back to the ancestry of Patrick Jack Sr. and Eleanor who came to Chester County, PA from Northern Ireland. about 1721. Because of Anjou’s fraud we need documentation on his European Jack family research. I contacted a James family genealogist a few years ago about our Jack name coming from Jacques and before that from the surname James of England married to a Van Haestrecht in Utrecht, Netherlands, who had a son Jacob James, who went to France where the surname James became Jacques. The James family genealogist didn’t have information on our Jacob James going to France but told me not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Someone who has lots of time and money could travel to the places that Anjou claims to have found his proofs of his research. They should be able to know French. My line goes back to Patrick Jack Sr. and Eleanor of 1721 Chester County, 1721-1726. Their son Jeremiah Jack 1700 – 1785 had a son John Jack who was killed by the Indians in 1757 on the Potomac River near Williamsport, Maryland. This John Jack is my 5 great grandfather, a first cousin of Captain James Jack, bearer of the Mecklenburg Declaraetion of Independence, Charlotte, N.C, to the Continental Congress, May 20th, 1775. In the book “Sketches of Western North Carolina” by C. L. Hunter published 1877 it tells of the noble ancestry of Patrick Jack of Charlotte who was a descendant of William Jack, one of thirteen Presbyterian ministers persecuted by the Church of England for not following the Anglican rite in Ireland. I looked up the history of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and found Rev. William Jacque one of the thirteen ministers that was persecuted in 1681. He had one of the first Presbyterian congregations in Dublin. He was from Scotland and educated at Edinburgh University. He had a brother Rev. Gideon Jacque who had a congregation in Wexford, Ireland and later went to England. I also found out that later Rev. William Jacque went back to Scotland unmarried? In Anjou ‘s research he mentioned Guillaume Jacques born Feb. 7, 1592 (my birthday is Feb. 7) in his will 1676, his sister Marguerite, wife of M. Guillaume Jacques, of Nouzon, deceased, and their children, Robert Jacques , residing in Edinburg, in Scotland, and their little
    son Guillaume Jacques.; Jacob Jacques , residing in Dundee, Scotland; Louis Jacques, Marie Dufornel, his wife and their little son Louis residing in Canada; Guillaume Jacques, Jeanne Daniel his wife, and their children: Jacob Jacques, of Ireland and Thomas Jacques , a merchant in Edinburg etc.” I think that Robert Jacques little son, a Guillaume Jacques of Edinburg, a first cousin to our ancestor Jacob Jacques, father of Patrick Jack Sr. might be Rev. William Jack aka Jacque mentioned in Hunter’s book. Any comments, knowledge or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    Gerald (Jerry) Jack

    • admin says:

      Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for the informative letter. I remember much of the history from my internet research. Unfortunately, I haven’t done significant primary research on the Jack family nor have I gotten to a “Vitals” presentation yet as I’m doing with all of our other associated families. I expect to get to that by fall, if you can wait that long. That usually turns up more data. There’s a lady in VA who is due to respond to a note I wrote to her. Her Jacks crossed into Tennessee and she has DNA findings. The emphasis of my webpage is family narratives so some of the stuff Thompson presents is fascinating even though it may not be 100% factually correct. It’s the flavor and essence that’s important, so I quote him (with caveats when possible).
      Please let me get back to you, and meanwhile, stay in touch.

    • admin says:

      I’ve just now posted some of my Jack family Vitals that I believe present some of the latest discoveries and connections. I believe that I have finally established my distant “cousin connection” between my grandfather James (b.1705) and his brother Patrick, Jr. (b.1700) who fathered Cpt. James Jack of Charlotte’s “Mechlenberg Declaration” fame. I’m eager to research, write, and post more soon. Stay tuned.

  5. Laura Christensen says:

    My Mother Jennie Irene Jack / Henry Tyrance Jack / Marion Jack / Joshua Jack /
    William Jack b. 1788 Grainger Tenn. married Mary Oats.
    I believe James Captain Jack & Mary Houstin to be his parents but can’t seem to find proof.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing, Laura. I see we have some other Jack Family readers from Tennessee. Perhaps they can help? My family stayed in Pennsylvania. Check back,

    • Judy Kozee says:

      Laura Christensen,
      Were any of the people you listed, especially Marion Jack, ever living in Ohio? My brother remembers our grandfather, Burnett E. Jack (b. 1888; died in 1960s) mentioning a Marion Jack. This made me curious because in going through the Athens Co, Ohio, Jack families, I never found a Marion.

  6. Ian Beaton Jack says:

    I am one of the Scottish Jacks from the little Village of Avoch,in the Black Isle,
    there are generations of Jack there. my g.g.g.father wasborn in the 1760s. and i was told that we were descended from the French,as in Jacque etc.
    I have just recd,the results of my D.N.A.test which tells me my
    marker is N-M46. which is very rare in the U.K but very common in Siberia and Finland,one group of people,less than a thousand, the Nganasan, live in the Tymyr Peninsula on the shores of the Artic Ocean. 70% of all Finnish men carry this Marker. it is reckoned the Marker arrived in Britain around AD 800/AD 1000.about the time of the Scandinavian raids and invasions, it is a very unusual Viking import but very intrigueing.
    I will be very interested in any thoughts on this. from any of the Jacks.
    Ian Beaton Jack

    • admin says:

      Interesting stuff, Ian. Thanks for sharing. Looking at the derivation and commonality of the Jack name, we find similarities many places. But your DNA should reveal some unique connections now that we have posted your comments. Please let us know who responds. Thanks,

  7. Gerald Ignatius Jack says:

    I wonder if Ian Beacon Jack knows of any one named Patrick Jack that lived or lives in Avoch, Black Isle, Scotland. It is told that the name Patrick comes down from a Patrick Jack generations past. My 6 great grandfather is Patrick Jack Sr. of Chester County, Pennsylvania, who died in 1726 and came with his family from Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland around 1721. The legend is that the Jack family in Scotland or Northern Ireland had a Catholic neighbor who was asked by the Jacks if he would watch over their home and land as they had to be away. The neighbor said he would if they would name their first born son Patrick. Another story is the Jacks had a Catholic servant with the first name of Patrick and they gave their first born son his name.

    • admin says:

      Hi Gerald. Thanks for the new information and for confirming some of the details I have already related in other parts of the Jack Family section (see Table of Contents). Having lived in Western PA my whole life (so far, that is), I have encountered the Jack name everywhere. I’m eager to continue the Vitals for our proud and noble family. There’s certainly a ton of material available online now. Where do you live? Write anytime. Thanks again for sharing,

  8. Jermaine Tamaro Jack says:

    I’m Jermaine Tamaro Jack. My great-grandfather migrated from Scotland to Jamaica about a 150 years ago . Did you know there’s a Jackland in Jamaica? Would love to get in touch with you.

    • admin says:

      Dear Jermaine,
      I’ve e-mailed you but haven’t heard back. I continue to refine Vitals on our Jack family who settled in Western PA. Thanks for the interesting input about Jackland and Jamaica. Please write again.

    • Charmian-Marie Jack says:

      Hi. I am from Jamaica.

      There’s a Jackland in St. Ann, Jamaica…and we also have a Jackshill in Kingston.

  9. Michael says:

    I’m trying to do research into the Jack side of my family but seem to be stuck. I can only go back to my gggGrandfather John Jack(1796) married to a Nancy Jack (1812). I was wondering if you might have these names in your database?

    • admin says:

      The Jack family is both large in numbers and geographical scope. My best advice is to check the sources listed on my Jack Family Tree and Vitals pages. I am still working on the early Vitals for the Jacks, but in marrying into the Cooper family of Cumberland County, PA, my Jacks seemed to have left yours a half century before John and Nancy appear. Another tip is to go back to the earliest Jacks and work forward. Good luck, and stay in touch. Thanks for your interest.

  10. Charmian-Marie Jack says:

    Hi! So I’ve always been curious about my heritage, so pressing into the research and boy, what I’ve stumbled on is amazing.
    So, I’m from the Caribbean. As far as I know, there were two Scottish brothers who came over to the New World and there began the Jack dynasty in the Caribbean. We’re mainly in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago as well as St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

    I just want to know more…and I guess, collect some concrete information. But this feels great!

    – CMJ

    • admin says:

      How nice to hear from you! I know about the Jack family and the Caribbean but haven’t included that information here. May I suggest that you search the documentation at the end of the Jack Family Tree and Vitals section? My family came from Northern Ireland to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and then west to the Pittsburgh area.

  11. Dwayne Jack says:

    First, I finally got my own website and have posted my family tree. It’s just the tree itself but you will find it very large. I am working on other options in the near future.

    Second, I have been able to find information tracing back two more generations:

    William James, 1338, Newport, Hampshire, England
    +Married: Margarett Augstone, 1342, Newport, Hampshire, England

    –John James, 1370, Priors Marson, Warwickshire, England, 1409, Priors Marson, Warwickshire, England
    –+Married: Christine Anesty, 1371, Glamorgan, Whales, 1409, Buckinghamshire, England

    —-Thomas (Jacques) James, 1393, New Church, Kent, England, 10 Dec 1476, London, England
    —-+Married: Jane Keurell, 1398

    • admin says:

      How did you ever get information back that far? Very interesting! I’ll have a look at your site, and if I may, I’ll post your names and dates and give you all the credit. Thanks for sharing,

  12. Dwayne Jack says:

    Actually it was through my Legacy Family Tree program. With the program it connects to mysearch website and matches whats on your family tree with the database.

  13. Dwayne Jack says:

    One other quick note, after Jacob Jack and Nancy Farquhar, our timelines split and take two different paths. You being the descendant of Patrick J. Jack and Elizabeth Jervis, While I am the descendant of Jeremiah Jack and Ann Swaine (Patrick’s Brother).

    Jacob Jaques (1650-1720)
    Nancy Farquhar (1657 – 1689)
    Patrick James Jack* (1678 – 1725)
    Eleanor “Ellen” Elizabeth Jervis (1679 -1750)
    Jeremiah Jack 2 Jan 1689 – 16 Aug 1785
    Anne Swaine 1689 – 1766
    James Jack 1727 – 24 Dec 1795
    Ann Agnes McLoughlin 1730 – 1800
    Jeremiah Jack 1760 – 1859
    Rachel Friend abt 1770 – abt 1830
    Samuel Jack 16 Apr 1793 – 24 Jan 1848
    Sarah Ann Minturn 18 Jan 1796 – 13 Ict 1853
    Jeremiah Jack 11 Dec 1823 – 1 Dec 1876
    Emiline Thompson 20 Sep 1825 – 25 Apr 1894
    John Freemont Jack 9 jan 1857 – 29 Jan 1892
    Alice Mariah Myers 2 Sep 1859 – 14 Apr 1928
    Charles Fillmore Jack 19 jan 1884 – 23 Apr 1950
    Ella Gertrude Compton 18 Mar 1886 – 25 Mar 1944
    Earl Lowell Jack 30 Jun 1915 – 26 Nov 1984
    Mildred Leona Shelly – 2 Jan 1920 – 15 May 1995
    Dwayne Allen Jack – 16 Dec 1956
    Pamela Sue Horton – 17 Mar 1961
    Christopher Allen Jack, 28 Jan 1982 (My First Born Son)
    Michelle Walker – 22 Dec 1984
    Grace Jack, Born – 2011 (My Grand-daughter)

    I also heard a story and I will try to locate it, that James Jack, Jr. (1728) was the stepson of Jane Carnahan (1722). Viewing my family tree is kind of strange because you can click on Jane Carnahan and it will show James jack as her stepson, but then click on James Jack and he is moved to another place in the tree as her husband. I will definitely find the documentation.

    • admin says:

      Dwayne, that’s a weird ending, but I guess stranger things have happened. Yes, by all means, show us the proof, though that’s probably not possible!

    • Colleen Sanders says:

      Great posting of your line, Dwayne. I descend from John Jack, b. 1727, married to Rachel Boggs. He is a grandson of Patrick Jack and Eleanor Jervis.

      Interesting about Anne Swaine. She is also listed as an indentured servant to — I think–Jacob Bonsall; my relatives on my mother’s side. Jack is my father’s side.

  14. I am the granddaughter of Pauline Elizabeth Jaque, who was descended from Franklin Lafayette Jaque (1858-1918), Erasmus B. Jack (1836-), George Jack (1811-1888) and William Jack (1775-1850), born in County Cork, Ireland and died in Mercer County, PA. Over the generations, the family moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Indiana to Alberta, Canada.

    Do you have any idea how this William Jack might fit into the Jack family tree? Have the connection from Ireland back to France been documented to your satisfaction?

    I’ve enjoyed your website and will be very grateful for any help you may be able to offer.

    • admin says:

      Dear Candace,
      I have been unable to find any information on your particular line of Jaque/Jack as by the time your William was born in Ireland, our family had already come to America with their name spelled “Jack.” The good news is that there is probably more information available on our families than any other that I have researched. I wish you good luck in your future research, and ask that you let my readers know what you find.

    • Colleen Sanders says:

      Is this William Jack, father of David Jack of Monterey County, California?
      Ginny Jacks Vick and I are trying to tie him in to our lines.
      I realize that these posting are years old. Hopefully, these posters have trees in Family Tree programs and connect to Ancestry. Lots of helpful info on Ancestry.

  15. Judy Kozee says:

    Hi Larry,
    I found your site a while back and am just now browsing through. Like you, I do love the old family stories and legends. My Jack connection is my maternal grandfather, Burnett E Jack. He was born in Athens County, Ohio in 1888. His father was Matthew Jack and Matthew’s father was Edward Jack. I believe Edward’s father was a James Jack from Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland. I think James’ father was a William Jack of Ardstraw and possibly his father being an older James Jack. I do not have the dates of these people in memory so will not try to put them here. My gr gr grandfather Edward came from Ireland. I believe I once came upon a ship’s record which showed Edward as a small boy on the ship with his father James, but will have to search for that. A cousin I met through the Jack research and I have been working on this family for a while but neither of us has done anything the last two years. I will keep checking back here for your updates and to see what others are posting. I just wanted to put my oar in the water and say that some of the PA Jacks went into Ohio.

    • admin says:

      Hi Judy,
      Great to hear from you. I too need to get back to the Jack family. So much information and so many “family” out there to discover. Thanks for sharing, and please stay in touch.

  16. Mary Jack says:

    My 3gr grfather was Benjamin Jack who was born in No. Ireland in 1768-9. He first shows up in Bedford Co. PA in 1794 with a number of other Jack men who had land warrents. The history books of Butler Co. PA say he arrived in Slippery Rock Township in 1796 from Westmoreland Co. Which JACKs he is related to I have no idea! However, I have identified a direct male Benjamin Jack decendant who has agreed to do a Y DNA test through Familytreedna.com and join the surname groups Jackman and Jacks (there isn’t a surname group specifically for Jack) but the two mentioned include Jack. If all you JACK men out there could do the Y DNA 69 test and join the surname groups we could possibly sort out who is related to who. The tests are on sale (I’m NOT a saleswoman for this company-promise) right now for the holidays so check it out. The more JACK men we can get to test the sooner we can sort out the family lines!!

    • admin says:

      Mary, my Jack family name ended with the marriage of Mary Jane to a Cooper over 200 years ago, but fortunately, I fairly close geographically to Westmoreland, Bedford, and Indiana Counties where they made their mark. Now, my son lives in Charlotte where another branch is prominent. Now that winter is here and I have more time, I’ll dig back through my massive Jack file and look for connections to Benjamin. I haven’t taken the time to do the DNA yet, but maybe some of our readers have or will. Thanks for sharing,

  17. Faith Jack says:

    I have been researching my Jack family line, and, like many of those here, have gotten confused by all the Patricks and Jameses. My family has lived in the Western PA area ranging from Armstrong (present) and Westmoreland Counties to Eastern PA in Cumberland County.

    As best I can determine, my 6x great grandfather Patrick Jack (1678-1726) b. Edinburgh, Scotland & d. Chester, PA emigrated to PA with his family, except for his son James who remained in Ireland. James later emigrated with his wife and children to Cumberland County, PA. Said James, I believe is my 5x ggf. b. 1705 BallyKelly Northern Ireland; m. Elizabeth McNulty 1725 Ardstraw, Tyrone,Ireland; d. 1776 Newton, Cumberland, PA.

    4x ggf James S. Jack, Sr. b.1728 Ardstraw, Ireland; m. Mary Jane Carnahan 1744 Newton, Cumberland Co, PA; d. 1823 (uncertain of this, but I have Allegheny Co, PA, but burial in Newville, Cumberland County, PA).

    3x ggf James S. Jack, Jr. b. 1808 North Buffalo, Armstrong Co., PA; m. Sarah Catherine Douze; d. 1865 Newton, Cumberland, PA (again, uncertain of place as he is buried in Slate Lick, Armstrong County, PA)

    2x ggf Samuel Maurice (Morris) b. 1843 in Possum Hollow-Slate Lick, Armstrong Co., PA; m. Mary Jane Sipes; d. 1899 Tarentum, Allegheny County, PA (killed by a train & buried in Allegheny, Harrison Twp., Mt. Airy Cemetery)

    ggf James Russell b. 1868 in Slate Lick, Armstrong Co., PA; m. Minnie Carolyn Camp 1892; d. 1951 in Armstrong Co., PA

    I have found a connection back to Roger James b.1440 in Kent, England; d. 1497 London. Have you found and verified back to the James surname?


    • admin says:

      Hi Faith,
      Your names & numbers look similar to mine except for your James S. (1728-1776), who I believe was James, Jr/II, also a captain like his father and died at the start of the Revolution. I have his daughter, Mary Jane (1749-1821), named after her mother and wife of my John Cooper, as the sister of your James III (1808-1865), but that’s a 59-year difference in ages, so we must be missing a generation. I’ll check my sources if you’ll check yours. Do you know what the middle name was, represented by “S”? Also, I have my Capt. James, Jr., born in Cumberland Co., PA, where his parents died. Thanks for making public what you believe; that’s important.Now we can go from there.

      • Faith Jack says:


        Thanks for the response. I have been thinking I am missing generation as well. The James S. you refer to as Jr. II, with 1728 -1776, I can’t place. I have James S. Sr. (1728-1823) with wife Mary Carnahan. If he died in 1776, he can’t be the father of James S. Jr. 1808-1865. Yet that would make him 80 when he had James S. Jr/III. Maybe we are missing another James or our dates are off.

        I am also having trouble with Sarah Catherine Douse (dod 1848) when she shows up in censuses through 1870. The tombstone on Ancestry connected to her has “Catherine, wife of James.” In censuses,she is always Sarah.

        So confusing.

  18. Dwayne Jack says:

    I think I have information on your missing generation. My information has James Jack and Mary Jane Carnahan married in 1744 and had 13 Children; he was one of a few Jacks to have large families. Once of them was named James Jack born in 1748 and died in 1823. So the first, James Jack, Jr., was born in 1728 died in 1776, and his son James Jack III was born in 1748 and died in 1823. I think that’s where the mix up is, originally someone must have thought they were the same person, and decided to change the 1748 to 1728 and the 1776 to 1823. They thought that the 1748 date was a mistype and changed it to 1728.

  19. James Stubbs says:

    I’m descended from Nancy Jack and Patrick Hunter. Everything that I see says that Nancy is a daughter of John Jack and Eleanor Stevenson; John is a son of James Jack, Sr. and Elizabeth McNulty. There is no mention of her in John Jack’s will. I assume that Nancy is one of he unnamed children in that will. I’m trying to document the connection between Nancy and her father John, but footnotes that I’ve seen I either can’t decipher or they won’t come come up when I key them. Anything you can offer would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, James. Unfortunately, I have nothing more to offer you at this time, but perhaps one of our readers does. Stay Tuned,

  20. Priscilla says:

    I’m looking for the connection between Nancy Farquhar and her defendant Joseph Jack. I’m unsure of which child Nancy had that connects these two individuals. Joseph Jack was born circa 1700. Please help me find the direction I need.

    • admin says:

      Hi Priscilla,
      I can find no Josephs in the timely vicinity of Nancy Farquhar nor am I familiar with your term “defendant” in conjunction with genenalogy. Will you give me some additional information? Perhaps we have an interesting story here. Regards,

  21. Dwayne Jack says:

    SOrry I haven’t been here for a while, but I just wanted to say that I acquired the entire 27 volumes of the JV Thompson Journals in Microsoft word format if anyone is interested in studying the Jack family history. I have a new website and a new email address

    • admin says:

      Dwayne, Good to hear from you again. I’ve written to you offline asking for a possible link to the Thompson Journals and/or details on how to obtain them. This should make for interesting reading over the long winter months! Thanks for your interest in our Jack family.

      • admin says:

        Dwayne, As I told you off line, I have done a preliminary scan of all 27 Thompson Journals and am planning to write and post a summary as they pertain to my Jack family. Here’s hoping that I live long enough and that others will have the fortitude to do the same with their connections and share with us here. Thanks again!
        Cousin Larry

    • Jeri Clark says:

      Hi Dwayne! I’m related to the Jack family through John Jack 1726 and Eleanor Stevenson 1738. My relative James E Clark married John and Eleanor’s daughter Jane Jack 1753. James E Clark was part of “Brady’s Rangers 1778 – 1783) in Westmoreland Co. PA.
      My question to you is: I’ve read snipets about Jane and James Clarks two daughters, Margaret 1773 and Nellie Helen 1780 being kidnapped by someone named Barrett. Have you found anything about this in the Thompson Jounals?
      TY Jeri Clark Clarkjeri@yahoo.com Danville, Indiana

      • admin says:

        I’m not Dwayne, but I see that he’s commented several times over the years. I’ll try to forward your note directly to him then respond to you if he replies. Thanks for your interest, Cousin.

  22. Delmer jack says:

    Hello my name is Delmer Elton Jack. I’m descendent of David Edward Jack and Dale Elliot Jack. I’m trying to learn more about my history and where I come from. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your response, Delmer. Glad you found us. And now maybe one/some of our readers can find you a branch of the large Jack tree before you “leave.”
      Regards, Larry

  23. Dwayne Jack says:

    Jeri Clark, I haven’t heard anything about that episode, but I have a copy of the entire Thompson Journals. I know the Clark’s, Merkle’s, Jack’s, and Carnahan’s were all intertwined during that time period. I can provide you with a zip file, or I can try and do a cross search between the Clark’s and the Jack’s and let you know what I find out. One other items for everyone. As you know most of our ancestors from from all over Europe, and that Patrick, Jeremiah, and the rest came from Scotland. I have joined The Jack Family on facebook that has members of the Jack Family who are scattered all around the world all being descendants of the Jack’s from Scotland. It’s a very good place to learn and talk to a lot of the Jack cousins. They are planning on having a jack family reunion in 2022. The last one was in 2018. They are in the process of getting certified “The Jack Clan” and they have a registered tartan. Here is the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/327806254351482

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