Vitals: Jacob J. & Nancy Farquhar Jacques/ Jack

Jacob J. (1650/5 – 1720) b. Chesnay, Eure-Et-Loire, France; r. Northern Ireland (son of Rev. Guillaume, Jr. & Marguerite de Gasque Jacques)

m1. Nancy Farquhar (1657-1689) b. Chesnay; r. Cannongate, Scotland (parents unknown)

Marriage: 1678, Edinburgh

Children: exact birth order unknown

1. Capt. Patrick James., Sr. (1678-1725/6 ) b. Edinburgh; r.Chester C0., PA (m. Eleanor Elizabeth Jervis – our line)
2. James (1680- ) b. Edinburgh; r. Frederick, MD (m. Anne ____ )
3. Lancelot (1683- )
4. Elizabeth (1683- )
5. Mary (1687- )
6. Denton/Danton (1687- )
7. Jean/John (1688- )
8. Nancy (1688- )
9. Jeremiah (1689- )
10. David (1691- )

M2. Madelaine Dornand (  ) b. Chesnay; r. Edinburgh

Marriage: 1701, Edinburgh

11. Elizabeth? (1702- )
12. Mary (1704)
13. Jeanne (1706- )
14. Joanne (1708- )
15. Nancy (1710- )


“Jacob Jacques.” 10 June 2013

“Jacques.” 10 June 2013


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2 Responses to Vitals: Jacob J. & Nancy Farquhar Jacques/ Jack

  1. Pamela Murray says:

    I am a descendant of the Jacques family through James Jacques and Elizabeth McNulty through their daughter Elizabeth down to my grandmother, Emma Dodge, in Union County, Ohio. I just returned from Edinburgh, where I was hoping to find some record of Jacob Jacques and his wife Nancy Farquhar, married at Canongate on April 7, 1648. I was hoping to find some official record, but could find nothing. I would love to know more, if anyone could help me. I was told they were probably Huguenots fleeing persecution from the French Catholic government, and would like some more infomation. Can anyone help?


    Pam Murray

    • admin says:

      I think you’re on the right track, Pam. Yes, Jacques were undoubtedly Protestants seeking friendly faces, first Scotland, then Northern Ireland, then America. Fortunately, someone before us did some great research. Let’s keep searching for and sharing new information in this fascinating genealogy! Thanks for your interest,

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