Vitals: Hannes “Indian John” Miller, Sr. & Magdelena Lehman

Hannes “Indian John” Miller, Sr. (1724/30-1798) b. Salles, Bas Rhin, Alsace or Swiss-Germany; r. Berks Co. to Elklick Twp. (then Berlin-Brothersvalley), Somerset Co., PA (probably son of Christian Daniel/Jacob & Anna Mishler or Barbara Holli Miller;m. twice; Farmer)
-buried near Berlin, PA: “Miller’s Choice” in the “Glades” on original Abraham Coxson farm, now Maust farm (private property-for GPS, see “Show map” on cemetery page)

Historical marker at “Indian John’s” house & grave near Berlin, PA

 M1?. Magdelena (Barbara?) Lehman (1732-1817) b. Swiss-Germany; r. Berks Co. & Somerset Co., PA (daughter of Benedict, Sr. & Veronica “Frany” Miller Lehman)
-buried near Berlin, Brothersvalley Twp., PA, “Miller’s Choice” (see above)

Marriage: (1748; possibly came to  America in 1737 on Charming Nancy as children or  1749 on Phoenix; farmed in Somerset Co. 1785)

Children: (and step-children?) shown below to first marriage

1.   Barbara (c. 1750-1790/1804) b. Berks Co., PA; r. Meyersdale, Somerset Co., PA (m. Jacob Hochstetler, Jr.)
2. Elizabeth (1752- ) possibly died in infancy; name reused?
3.   John (H)Annas/”Amos,” Jr. (c. 1752-1802) b. Berks Co.; r. Summit Twp., Somerset Co. (m. Veronica “Freny” Yoder)
4.   Jacob “Yokkel” J. (c. 1754-1835) b. Berks Co.; r. Shanesville, Tuscarawas Co., OH (m. Anna Stutzman, Peter’s sister-in-law, below)
5. Heinrich Peter J.(c. 1756-1818) b. Berks Co; r. Summit Twp., Somerset Co (m. sister-in-law, Mary Stutzman – Susan’s paternal line – Anna Stutzman’s sister)
6.    Catherine “Katie” (c. 1758-1855) b. Berks Co; r. Somerset Co (m. Jacob Kaufman)
7.   Christian “Glades, Sr.” (c. 1760-1839) b. Berks Co; r. Somerset Co (m. Veronica “Freny” Blough/Stutzman/ Mishler? – possibly Susan’s paternal line-research ongoing)
8.   Joseph “Sep” (1753/62-1839) b. Berks Co; r. Somerset Co (m1. Barbara Speicher; m2. Barbara Bontrager)
9.   Maria/Mary (c. 1764-1813) b. Berks Co; r. Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co (m. John Schrock, Jr.)
10.   Veronica “Freney” (c. 1766-1850) (m. Christian Speicher, Jr., brother to Joseph “Sep”, Jr. above and Elizabeth below)
11. Susanna? (c. 1768-1810/19) b. Berks Co; r. Somerset Co (m. Christian Mishler, probably a cousin)
12.Elizabeth Lehman (1770-1818) b. Tulpehochen, Berks Co; r. Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co (m. Joseph Speicher, Jr.; Susan’s maternal line)

M1? before c.1748 Magdelena Yoder (1724- ) probably born & resided in PA. Did she die after only a few years, in child birth? Some sources list a marriage to a Christina (Hochstetler?).


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Last revised: 1/17/20



4 Responses to Vitals: Hannes “Indian John” Miller, Sr. & Magdelena Lehman

  1. Valerie LaFleur says:

    hi there: my family tree from John Hannes Indian Miller are: Susanna birthed Jonas Mishler m. Magdalena Eash who birthed Christian Mishler b 10/2/1833 d 4/9/1890 m. Mary “Polly” Gindlesperger b. 12/31/1838 who birthed Martha Mishler b. 08/12/1874 d. 10/24/1926 m. James Reighard m. 9/1906 who birthed Mildred Irene Reighard m. Earl Livingston who birthed my father Robert Eugene Livingston b 6/18/1934 d. 3/8/1997 m. Daisy Ellen VanPelt 8/17/1957 b. 4/16/1932 d. 7/30/2007 who birthed me Valerie Mae Livingston b. 5/24/1963 m. 8/15/1992 Michael Eugene LaFleur. All this info I found online by googling “Mildred I. Reighard” genealogy! which I am thrilled about as I’m in Connecticut. Thank you so much!

    • admin says:

      Hello, Valerie. I’m so glad that you found our webpage. Believe me, we’re still cross-checking sources for “Indian John’s” ancestors and descendants, but he seems to be the landmark in our Amish-Mennonite history. Your line is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan Elizabeth Collier Lamont says:

    I am a descendent of your Susan’s Elizabeth Miller and Joseph Speicher through my mother, as well. My maternal grandmother was Myrtle Huldah Speicher* b.1900 in NJ, d. 1964 in NY, married John Schindler and then William Cashel. My uncle (father’s brother) did some research – he is now dead – and I am just starting to review it. So much conflicting information! Thank you for your website.
    *her father was Henry Clay Speicher b. 1866 in PA, his father also Henry Clay Speicher b. abt. 1822, his father Christian Speicher no birth date listed, his parents Joseph Speicher and Elizabeth Miller

    • admin says:

      Susan, I’m beginning to think everyone’s related to the Millers and Speichers. You make it sound like doing the research killed your uncle – LOL! Nah, a little genealogy never hurt anyone. Thanks for sharing your family ties on this venue. Anyone reading my research will soon see all the conflicting information available. I hope I document things sufficiently. Stay in touch,

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