Johannes “Hans” Michael & Anna Elizabeth Dodderer Zimmerman

Johannes “Hans” Michael (1706-1741) b. Mecksheim, Germany; r. Montgomery Co., PA (son of Andreas & Anna Elisabetha Freyburger Zimmerman)

Anna Elizabeth Dodderer* (1709-1779) b. Stebbach, Germany; r. Montgomery Co., PA   (daughter of George Phillip and Veronica Dodderer) had 11 children to two husbands

1. John Michael (b. 1731- ) He may have died in childhood and thus another son took his name.
2. Johannes Michael, Sr. (1732-1762/1802) (m. Elizabeth and/or Maria Magdalena Sauter – our line) One source has them living in North Carolina

3. Anna Elisabeth (1735/8- )
4. Veronica (1732?/6-  )
5. Catherine (1736-  ) may have died in childhood
6. George (1738/40-1793)
7. Mary Catherine (1740-  ) (m. John Hoffman) or is this the Catherine born earlier?

Following Hans’ death in 1741, Anna married Jacob Kurr and they had:

7.Anna Maria(1742-1765)
8.Magdalena(1743-  ) (m. Jacob Roscher)
9.Susannah(1746-1823) (m. Jon Welker)
10. Son (1750-  ) may have died in infancy
11.MattieElizabeth (1757-1762) died in childhood


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See also “Introduction: Zimmerman”


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