Vitals: John “Michael,” Jr. & Elizabeth Kimmel Zimmerman

John “Michael,” Jr. (1760/3-1823/7) b. Lancaster or Schuylkill Co., PA; r. Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Johannes Michael & Maria Magdalena Sauter Zimmerman)

Elizabeth Heiple Kimmel (1761/8-1836) b. ? r. Quemahoning Twp. or Berlin, Somerset Co., PA (daughter of Johann Philip, Jr. & Anna Christina Catherine Henn(z) Kimmel)

-Married: York Co. before 1783

-Moved to Somerset County, 1784 at age 21 with Elizabeth, probably Elizabeth, and parents

-Buried: Zimmerman family farm, Quemahoning Twp. (See cemetery for GPS.) Original will written in German & translated in Somerset County records.

Zimmerman family farm cemetery
Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (courtesy Will Semo)

Children: exact names, dates, & order unknown

1. Elizabeth “Betsy” C. (1783-1848) (m. David Sheefer/Sheffer/Shaffer)(One source says that she married again-a Noah Miller, but she would probably have been too old to bear the children of our line)
2. Anna “Nancy” (1784/94-  ) (m. Frederick German) or was Anna (1784-1789) another who died in childhood?
3. Magdalena “Lena” (or Lane) (1785-  ) (m. John Snyder)
4. Susannah (1790-1852) (m. Jacob Miller) father’s will gives her the land of “Michael’s brother Jacob.” Early records show both a Michael and a Jacob. Was Michael the grandfather and Jacob the uncle? Was Susannah the niece. What were the conditions? Unclear.
5. J. Michael III (1798-1878) b & r Quemahoning Twp. (m. Catherine Koontz )
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
6. David (1800-1856) (m. Christena ____)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
7. Joseph (1802-1889)
8. Daniel (1805-1880) (m. Elizabeth Baush – also from our line)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown
9. Catherine (1808-after 1823) (unmarried at the time of her father’s death)


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4 Responses to Vitals: John “Michael,” Jr. & Elizabeth Kimmel Zimmerman

  1. Chuck Heinze says:

    I am from the Frederick German side.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for writing, Chuck. Are you from Somerset County? My son’s football coach from North Star years ago was a Heinze.

      • Chuck Heinze says:

        Hi Larry. Sorry it took so long to respond. I am a Heinze from Baltimore. My interest in the Zimmermans is that Nancy Zimmerman married Frederick German. They moved to Baltimore. Frederick fought in the War of 1812 during the Battle of Baltimore. I have his Commission signed by President Madison as a Third Lieutenant. Frederick’s son, Michael, fought for the Confederacy, captured retreating from Getteysburg and finished out the war as a prisoner in Elmira, NY. His daughter, Sarah German, married my great grandfather James T. Pike.

        • admin says:

          Hi again, Chuck. Good to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing this latest bit of information with our readers and me. Every little bit helps! Regards,

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