A Menu of Articles to Finish

(This is mostly to jog the webmaster-author’s memory;
for complete list, see right-hand column
of Homepage & Table of Content dates)

Family           Tentative title/Subject                  ( Comments )

Post avail. Death Certificates        (Scan) OK-see each general family
“Research/Write in Progress”       (Working on always)
General research and revisions     (Working on always)

“Our Sustainable House”               (Now completing final draft)
“Our Pearces Families Come to America” (OK)
“Miller of Mansfield”                       (Write Commentary)
“Hill-Moon Family Trees”              (Now in revision)
“Hill-Moon Letters”                        (Soon ready to post)

“Another RPGray Letter,” etc.       (Hull Collection transcriptions & commentary
ongoing – see “Table of Contents: Gray”)
“Bryce Glass”                                     (Completed with other Campbell articles)
“Uncles Bart & Bob”                        (Research continues)
“Cousins Corner:Dottie Stone       (Research continues)

“Introduction: Joseph Miller”       (Completed with other articles)
“Last Journals of Sgt. Richard O. Miller (1920-2015)” (Transcribing)
“Letters from WWII:RO & Hilda Miller” (Transcribing & editing)

“Hannes ‘Indian John’ Miller”      (Scan-completed with estate disposition)

“Algorhythms, Artificial Intelligence, & Ancestry Research”
“Preserving Pictures & H’looms” (Research continues)
“Reading by Tablet”                        (Research continues)
(Parts for print of a series on electronic genealogy)

Last revised: 1/26/21

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