Table of Contents: Pearce


Every Breath a Gift: a Memoir by Larry Pearce
(posted in regular installments to celebrate E-gen’s 20th anniversary)

10 Short Meditations on Our Faith & Nature

Larry & Susan Miller Pearce DNA Results (2018 rev. 2019)

Our Pearce Family Tree
Descendants of Richard & Susan Austen Pearce
As collected by Cliff Odenkirk

Vitals of our Pearce Family

Causes of Death: Pearce & Associated Families (.pdf)
Some Cemeteries Containing Family in Western PA

Some Community Facebook Pages: Pearce-associate Families

A Few of Many YouTube Videos

Photo Album

Research/Writing in Progress

Original Family Narrative (OFN)
Pinkers’ Commentary on the OFN

Abbreviated Commentary by Penhey on Pearce & Austen Families
Penhey full Commentary: Part I
Penhey full Commentary: Part II
Penhey full Commentary: Part III

Excerpts from the “Tice-Pearce Family Heritage”
Pearce Tree & Genealogy by Cliff Odenkirk
(Great-great grandson of Edwin Pearce, Shreve, Wayne Co., OH)

Our Non-conformist Pearces & The Rev. John Wesley
Preachers Among the Pearces & Associated Families

On the 200th Wedding Anniversary of Richard & Susan Austen Pearce (2013)

Preface to the Old Wiltshire Parish Marriage Register
New Information on Our Pearces of Old England
Four More Sources to Find Our Pearces of Old England

 Our Pearce Families Come to America: A 4-Centuries Celebration 1620-2021

Christianity Comes Home:
Part I: Our Families’ Faith Journey
Part II: A Short History of the Reformation
Part III: A Summary of our Recent Anabaptist Heritage Tour
Part IV: Our American Amish

The Pearces of Wiltshire: The Way They Talked

Up to Speed with Wiltshire’s Famous Poet, Edward Slow:
The tale of the Moonrakers & other delights via YouTube

Locating Family Sites Around Western PA/OH

A 1905 Hill-Pearce Father-to-Daughter Letter

Settlement at Pine Creek: Part I
Settlement at Pine Creek: Part II
Settlement at Pine Creek: Part III

Historical Places of Interest, North Park, Allegheny Co., PA

Our Families’ Special Connection to H.J. Heinz’ Sesquicentennial Celebration

North Park Construction Photos (1927-1933)

Old Pittsburgh Media on Area Buffalo Herd

Our Family’s Move to Mars
The Story of Bessie Hill & Wesley Pearce
by Grace Hill TeSelle, cousin

Sons of Wesley & Bessie:
Walter Earl Pearce
Cousins’ Corner: Brodieheg, the Blogger

Howard Pearce

Ralph Hill Pearce
Interview on the life of Ralph Pearce (1917-2002)

Susan & Larry Pearce Celebrate 50 Years Together
Biking into Family History on the Great Allegheny Passage
A Vacation Back to the Future: From Michigan to Iowa

Dr. Annie R. Pearce:
Annie’s 21st Century “Radford Solar” Sustainable Houses
2021 Outstanding VA Tech Graduate Faculty Mentor
2019 Featured Speaker in South Korean Conference
2017 Humanitarian Service-Above-Self Citizenship Commendation
2016 VA Tech Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence

Eulogy for Brother Carl
A Eulogy for Brother Carl Dale Pearce
The Father/Son Perspective: A Eulogy for Carl
Remarks on Carl’s Life by Uncle Merle
A Eulogy for Jean M. Pearce: A son’s tribute
Serving Her Country in the Army Tradition:
Cpt. Taylor Pearce, a brief biography
Jordan Pearce’s Beach Day: A memory recorded for 9th grade English

Sister Ellen’s Big Night at Heinz Field
Tribute to Sister Ellen by MCA-TV

Giving Back More Than we Got: Paul & Cynthia’s Legacy
“A Survivor’s Gift” from Brother Paul & Cynthia
All’s Quiet on the Homefront: Leslie, Steve, & Family’s Story
Alexis Pearce: An Airstream Granddaughter

Stuart Pearce: Water Anyone?
“Being an Adult Amateur with Stuart Pearce”
from Contrabass Conversations (26:01) blog by Jason Heath
Mary Michelle: A Grandniece Pearce in Paradise 

Sons of Wesley & Bessie: Dale Nelson Pearce
An Early Autobiography by Aunt Helen (.pdf)

The Pearce Milling Company (1820-1927)

Our Pearce Family & Chaucer:
“The Miller’s Tale”
“The Reeve’s Tale”

Treasures in an Old Box

Our Family’s Contacts with Native Americans

The Pearce Blanket: Keeping the World Warm

McLeod Milligan Pearce, President, Geneva College

A Visit to Bourne, Lincolnshire

Restoration of the Wiltshire White Horse site

Flying High: Pearce, Gray, & Associated Families’ Connection to Aviation
Family Military Matters: Some who have Served

Reunions & Contacts

Upon This Rock:
Part I-The Pearce Name
Part II-Pearce Heraldry
Part III-Famous Pearces

Pearce Lines:
Part I-The Old World
Part II-The New World

Two “Jersey Settlements”: Possible early family connections in Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh in 1820: Two Families’ Attraction

Scoundrels or Heroes: Other Pearces

Faith of our Fathers (and mothers):
Part I-before 1820
Part II-1820 til now

The Pearces of Cambria County, PA
The Pearces of Clearfield and Surrounding Counties, PA

Last Revised: 1/15/22


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