Every Breath a Gift: a Memoir – Interlude to Chapter 3, A Half Century of Marriage

Larry Pearce
Posted 2/12/22

Larry & Susan, 1970

Here’s another break to introduce three distinct locations were Susan and I lived and live now, all coming after a wonderful engagement and wedding. My institutions of higher education crossed the threshold of giving the first ring to Susan on a bridge over a mill pond on which my dad had proposed to my mother nearly a third of a century earlier. This was the site where my great-great grandfather supported his family by farming and operating a grist mill. We were both students at our state university at Indiana, PA. This relationship proceeded with the exchange of actual wedding rings and sincere vows at a beautiful new church near her home in northern Somerset County. I was finishing my graduate studies at Penn State. After the birth of our daughter and earning my degree, we settled in a small mining town back in Northern Appalachia. We eventually built the home of our dreams, a place in the country complete with a barn, livestock, and a swimming pool. While the second chapter of this Memoir traces my life through my family and where we lived, the third chapter concentrates on life with my bride in four additional locations.

Come along with us as we tie the knot in Chapter Three and proceed to raise children and support that family through our life’s work.

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