Vitals: Christian, Sr. & Elizabeth Miller Baer

Christian, Sr. (1800-1862) b. Switzerland or Germany, coming to America in 1821 with brothers John & Ole; r. Stoneycreek & Conemaugh Twps., Somerset Co., PA (possibly son of John Jacob Bare; Farmer, weaver & cooper) 1850 Stoneycreek Census spells name “Bear.”
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA (First row toward church, lower left; Christian’s stone is badly damaged) (GPS 40.19998,-78.95567)

Blough Mennonite Cemetery Conemaugh Twp., PA

Blough Mennonite Cemetery
Conemaugh Twp., PA

Elizabeth (1809-1878) b. Stoneycreek or Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co, PA; r. Stoneycreek & Conemaugh Twp. (daughter of Christian & Susannah Musser Miller – research is ongoing as to possible connection to descendants of Hannes “Indian John” Miller)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA (First row toward church, lower left; Elisabeth’s stone is legible) (GPS: same as above)Emigration: July 5, 1821, Switzerland to Le Havre, France, to New York to Eastern PA. Transportation was aboard Brig Thetis. Passenger & Immigration list and Wills & Probate Records declare his occupation as “Weaver” although he operated a farm in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, PA.

Religious affiliation: Amish-Mennonite

Marriage: (c. 1816) place unknown

1. Solomon J. (1827-1885) b & r Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co. (m. Agnes L. ___)
-burial: Pike COB Cemetery, Brotherton, Stoneycreek Twp.
2. John (1831-  ) b. Somerset Co.; r. Shelby Co., IA; m. Rachel Blough)
-military: 24th Iowa Infantry, 1862
3. Abraham (1834-1895) b & r Conemaugh Twp. (m. Sarah Miller)
-burial: Maple Springs Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp.
4. Anna (1835- )
5. Jacob (1839- )
-military: GAR PA Regiment; froze to death while on picket duty
6. Christian, Jr. (1843- ) 1860 Census has listed as “Rahasim,” possibly a middle name to distinguish him from his father?
7. Catharine (1845-1897) b & r Conemaugh Twp. (m. Rev. Peter A. Blough)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp.
8. Mary/Maria (1847-1932) b & r Somerset County (m. Daniel Hostetler)
-burial: Berkey Cemetery, Windber, PA
9. Susanna “Susan” (1850-1915) b & r Somerset Co. (m. Jacob A. Blough) 1850 Stoneycreek Census lists her as age 3 1/2. Could she have been adopted?
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery


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See also “Introduction: Baer”



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3 Responses to Vitals: Christian, Sr. & Elizabeth Miller Baer

  1. J. Baer says:

    Hello Larry,

    I found some information that I just dont know how to digest, yet, and would like your opinion.

    The below link is to a book on the history of the church in Somerset. Page 307 has a biography about Solomon J. Baer. The same one listed on your site. This publication identifies Solomon’s father as John Baer with no further information about him. All the other details identified in the follow-on paragraphs are 100% correct. The issue I am having is all the documents I have found list Solomon’s father as “Christian Baer/Bar/ or Bear”. I don’t want to change the other family members profiles in familysearch at this time, but I did change Solomons father to John to see if any hints pop-up. I did find an article about John Bare, from Iowa, who appears to be Solomon’s brother, and, in that article, it states Christian came to America from Switzerland in 1821 with two brothers: John and Ole. Maybe there is something there, but I don’t have enough information.

    Solomon is my 2nd Great Grand Father.
    Happy holidays and I appreciate your time.

    • admin says:

      Hello Justin,
      Thanks for the heads up on the History of the COB. As I said in the writing, I like to think of two collections of Baers in Somerset County: The wealthier ones, who became lawyers and judges from the Berlin area, and the poorer ones who farmed in the north, my wife’s lineage. Solomon’s father was Christian, an Amish Mennonite buried in the first row of the Blough Mennonite Church. I haven’t read about the Solomon you refer to but our Solomon’s brother was Abraham who is buried just up the road at the Maple Springs COB. Howard Miller, my wife’s grandfather, married Sarah Baer and they are buried just up the road from there at St. James Lutheran. The bottom line is that many of these Swiss-German immigrants have similar, overlapping names and closely related churches. Yes, our John Baer was Solomon’s other brother, fought in the Civil War, and probably got free land in Iowa afterwards just like my wife’s cousins. Keep the good stuff coming!

  2. Justin Baer says:

    Greetings Larry,

    Thank you once again for the information. Looks like what I thought was the line is incorrect. It does appear my next project is to find out more about the John Baer who is list listed as Solomon J. Baer’s father in the publication. I suppose if all the down line information is correct in that publication, the up line must be correct. Looking for a John Baer in Somerset County in the late 17 early 1800’s should be quick and easy..haha. Thanks again.

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