Vitals: Jacob “Brecknock” or “Nimrod” & Elizabeth Krueger Bauman

Jacob “Brecknock?” or “Nimrod?”* (1701/23-1745/78) b. Switzerland; r. Somerset Co., PA (son of Wendel Santmann & Anne K. Coopersmith Bauman)

Marie Elizabeth Krueger (1716/25-1781) b. Basil, Switzerland; little is known of her; sometimes confused with Elizabeth Rueger (1716-1781) who married younger brother Jacob Johannes Bowman who moved to Woodstock, VA

Married: 1740, New Holland Church, Lancaster Co., PA

Children: because of the late dates of some off-spring, we question their parentage, or did Jacob remarry?

  1. Christian/Christopher # (1745/58-1815) b. Eastern PA or Lancaster Co.; r. Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (m. Anna Maria Lincoln – our line)
  2. Abraham (  ) (m. Maria Burkholder)
  3. Peter (  ) (m. Mary Gabel)
  4. John (  )#
  5. Jacob (  )#
  6. David (1787-1850) (m. Mary Bechtel)
  7. Susan (  )
  8. Barbara (  )
  9. Henry B.K. (1790-1858) (m. Catherine Wismer)
  10. Anna (1794-1861) (m. Christian Martin)
  11. Samuel (  )

* Were these nicknames referring to the same Jacob, one “Brecknock” a place of birth in Lancaster/Berks County (from Switzerland) and the other “Nimrod” from the Bible, a reference to the King of Shinar, Noah’s great-grandson, who was a “great hunter before the Lord”? Or were these men not even from our family?

# Three brothers were on the first Somerset County, PA, tax assessment; sometimes confused with the brothers of the generation before with the same names?


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“Bowman Family Tree. 18 May 2016

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Various Public Member Family Trees & other sources


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