Vitals: Nicklaus, I & Catherina Schwartz Musser

Nicklaus, I (1722-1783) b. Nodes, Jura, Switzerland; r. Lebanon Twp., Lancaster Co., PA (son of Hans & Maria Schwab Musser)

Catherina Schwartz ( ) b. Corgemont, Jura, Switzerland; . Lebanon Twp. (parents unknown) may have been the “Widow Musser” living in Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster with one other female, 1790

Emigration: May have arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Phoenix in 1749 with a Hans Jacob Musser. Nicklaus’ father Hans did not travel to America. However, this seems to conflict with marriage and baptismal records.

Marriage: before 1752 in Corgemont, Jura


1. Nicholas (1752-1753) b. Corgemont; baptized in Reformed Church; died in infancy
2. Nicholas V., Sr. (1757/9-after 1800) b. Lancaster or Dauphin Co., PA; perhaps in Selbysport, MD (m. Magdalena Delienbach – our line)
3. Mary ( ) her mother and brother were appointed her guardians by 1786 after the death of Nicklaus, I.


Cindy Leonhardt, e-mail, 18 Jan. 2011

Richard W. Davis 11 Sept. 2004

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