Vitals: Thomas & Jane Pearce

Thomas (1751/60-1797) b. Tiverton/Twerton, Somerset; r. Mildenhall, Marlboro, Wiltshire Co. & Bromham, Wiltshire Co., UK (Parents possibly William & Catherine*)

Jane White (1767-1811) b. Potterne, Wiltshire Co.; r. Bromham, Wiltshire Co. (Parents unknown) One source says that Jane was  only 16 when she married.

Thomas & Jane White Pearce
Marriage registration

Marriage 1: Mary Greenaway, August 4, 1776 (She may have lived just a short while after, maybe passing as early as September 6, 1776 as one record shows.)

Marriage 2: Jane White, December 1783, Potterne, Wiltshire

Children^: Were some of the older children born out of wedlock or from yet another  marriage? Probably at least second marriage for Thomas if Jane was only a teenager. She would have been 19 when Richard and Sara were born.

1. Betsey (1777-  ) possibly not married or kept her maiden name after marriage
2. Robert (1780-1780) died in infancy
3. Charlotte (1782-1853/6) b. Bromham (m. Ralph Hale)
4. Richard (1786-1861) b. Chittoe/Bromham, Wiltshire Co.; r. Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA; Twin to Sarah (m. Susan Austen, Charles’ sister – our line)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery, Pine Twp.
5. Sarah (1786-1868) b. Chittoe/Bromham, Wiltshire Co.; r. Pine Twp.; Twin to Richard (m. Charles Austen, Susan’s brother)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery
6. Jacob? He does not appear in the Bromham baptismal records

*Grandparents possibly Thomas & Jane of Mildenhall, Marlboro, who count 2 sets of twins, including Thomas & Jane (b.1692), among their 7 children in 12 years.

^It was not unusual to have children baptized days and even years after their births. These may be the only records available, and thus some confusion exists over ages. Oral tradition says that our Richard and Sarah were twins, and there were twins in earlier Pearce families.


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See also Pearce & Austen family trees


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