Excerpts from Will & Inventory of Felix Stambach (1643-1729)

Larry Pearce, editor [with comments & questions]
(For context see Vitals: Felix & Anna Maria Wehrling Stambach)

WILL: To my dear wife, Anna Maria [nee Wehrling (1656-1733)], sixty Gulden [Middle High German for “gold coin”] in money and hereafter receives three pieces of field situated in Kirchspeil, Kutzenhasen, Bann, and an acre of beets. To my two sons to receive my house and farm here in Niderkutzenhasen [specifically, Lower Kutzenhasen]. Johannes [our line (1676-1733)] the fort house and yard here in Niderkutzenhasen and Jacob [younger brother] the rear house, but each to receive one-half of the farmyard. In addition to the barn and vehicles at hand, which should belong to each one-half, and in case of the Disponent’s [manager who may not own the property] death, on account of their [referring to Johannes and Jacob’s sisters] remaining three siblings, namely Anna Margaretha, Eva, and Anna Maria, each are to receive thirty Gulden of their fatherly heirloom. Therefore, ninety Gulden altogether, not inclusive of the mother’s third part. The right is reserved [by the surviving brother?] to change these orders over short or long [period of time].

INVENTORY: Permanent Farm: Property in the village of Niderkutzenhasen. First, a one-story house, yard, and barn, and stall two Ruthen by five quarters [unknown/obsolete German measurement] in size, one side next to Allmend Street, on the other side Souse’s [a neighbor?], in front of the Allmenchruchway, in back part by Frederich Michel, part by Lorentz Eyer and part by the Convent Sarburg, the Gracious Sovereigns who tax yearly five-eighths and one-quarte smoked possessions [is he referring to meat?], otherwise free and owned – 250 Gulden [worth?].

WILL: This property, including half of the barns thereon, is left for my oldest son, Johannes for his own according to this recorded disposition. My three daughters shall each be paid fifteen Gulden, and namely Margaretha by the upcoming Johannesday [Although several feast days are called this, one St. John’s Day, on June 24 just after the summer solstice, honors John the Baptist], but keep Maria’s part and pay her interest [perhaps because she has not yet reached the age of majority?], and apply Eva’s part to her debts [perhaps a father’s opinion of his daughter’s spending habits?]. Pay the mother [Anna Maria] half of her bequeathed sixty Gulden as well as her third part of the already mentioned property with twenty-five Gulden, and after apparent need, pay her little by little. But herewith a place in the roofed-over house is reserved for the mother.

INVENTORY: Then, a two-story house inclusive of an orchard attached to the back is two quarters by five Ruthen in size, on one side the aforementioned one-story house, on the other side the Hunds Alley, in front the Church Alley, and back the Convent Sarburg, which is taxed yearly by the Gracious Sovereigns five quarters of smoked possessions, otherwise free and owned – 250 Gulden.

WILL: This property and yard inclusive of the eleventh [?] and the barn positioned in the yard is left to my youngest son Jacob according to the recorded disposition in such a way that he pay each daughter for her fatherly inheritance fifteen Gulden and namely pay Margaretha by the upcoming Johannesday but keep Maria’s part and pay interest, and apply Eva’s part to her debts. But to the mother, pay half of the sixty Gulden ascribed to her in the disposition, so then to her third part amounts to 145 Gulden together with the half 155 Gulden which should be paid to her after apparent need. Herewith, the widow has reserved the right to live on this property for the rest of her life.


Note: Kutzenhasen lies about 45 miles directly north of Strasbourg.


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