Dr. Annie Pearce Gives 2019 Keynote Address in South Korea

Dr. Annie, Presenter
South Korean ECO Conference
December 2019

Dr. Annie Pearce presented an invited keynote presentation at the 2019 International Sustainable Built Environment Conference in Seoul, South Korea, on the topic of social and ecological systems and their roles in smart sustainable cities. The gathering was one of 12 conferences held around the world this year as preparation for next year’s World Sustainable Built Environment conference in Sweden. Pearce is part of a team of faculty and students in the MLSoC’s BioBuild Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program exploring innovative ways for the built environment to be more bioinclusive, where humans and non-human species co-exist to mutual benefit. Pearce’s presentation highlighted ways in which humans have included nature as part of design, both effectively and not-so-effectively. Ecosystems and non-human species will play multiple key roles in smart sustainable cities of the future, including providing ecosystem services, modeling new approaches to sensing and autonomous control, and contributing to human quality of life and well-being.

Dr. Annie & the
team of presenters

Note: Dr. Pearce’s academic textbook, Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure: Paths to the Future, 2nd edition, is available online.Last revised 12/19/19

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