Vitals: Hans Phillip & Anna Margarita Heim Grosskost/Groscost

Hans Phillip (1685/9- )b. Mutterstadt, Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany; r. York & Adams Cos., PA (parents unknown)

Anna Margarita Heim (1685- ) b. Mutterstadt; r. York & Adams Cos. (parents unknown)

Immigration: 1730 aboard the ship Thistle of Glascow sailing from Rotterdam to Philadelphia. Hans Phillip became a naturalized citizen in 1735.

Marriage: before 1715 in Mutterstadt Children: all but the youngest were born in Mutterstadt

1. Wilhelm (1715- )

2. Christoph (1717- ) (m. Johanna Steiger, daughter of the town mayor)

3. Anna Elizabeth (1719- ) (m. Johannes Hanauer/Horner – our line)

4. Phillip Daniel (1721- )

5. John (1733 – 1801) d. Adams Co.


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