Hill Family Tree from Generation IV: John Dixon & Margaret Sara (Marshall)

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as compiled by
Larry Pearce, grandson of Bessie Reed (Hill) Pearce (1887-1974)
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For context, see “Our Hill Family Tree”

See also Gen. V – Joseph Marshall (1858-1939) & Alice Virginia (Moon) (1865-1947)

This begins with Generation IV, after William (c.1740) & Elizabeth (Dixon) Hill


IV. Cpt. John Dixon Hill (1824-1915) m1. Margaret Stewart Thorn (2 children*), probably sister to the man that his sister Mary Ann married; m2. Margaret Sarah Marshall (1831-1915) (5 children)

-V-1.*William Walter (1851-1935) m. Jennie Galbraith (farmed along Downieville & Mars-Valencia Rd., Adams Twp., Butler Co)

–daughter Sarah M.

–daughter Mary E.

–son William J. (listed as “W.W.” in Census – was this Wm who died in 1927?)

–son Quincey H. (d.1941)

–son Samuel R.

-V-2.*Mary Anne (1853-1902)m. Robert Thompson Love (9 children)

–daughter Margaret (was this “Maggie who married a Leslie? d.1958)

–son Leroy

–son Bruce

-V-3. Joseph Marshall (1858-1939) m. Alice Virginia (Moon) (1865-1947) (farmed just over county line along what is now Babcock Blvd., south of Valencia, Allegheny Co.)  See Branch

-V-4. @Charles (1859-?) probably died in infancy

-V-5. Francis “Frank” Leroy (1860-1946) m1. Sadie B. Uhlenberg (d.1934), m2. Maggie E. Reynolds (d.1958) (farmed along Denny Rd., Adams-Middlesex Twp., Butler Co.)

–stepdaughter Nellie

–daughter Edna

–son John R. (was this “JR” from below or John Arthur?) (married Stella) (4 kids)

–daughter Florence

–daughter Margaret “Maggie” (married a Leslie?)

-V-6. John “Walt” Wallace (1863-1946) m. Ella M. Cashdollar (1863/8-1937) (farmed along Three Degree Rd., now Hill Farm Lane, Adams Twp., Butler Co; probably same acres as father, John Dixon Hill)

–son Clarence Marshall+ (1886-1930) m. Marian Crawford Magee (1889-1971)

gs. Dale C. +(1918-1981) never married

—gd. Eleanor m.  ___ (1914-1965)

—gd. Mary (not married or daughter to Walt?)

—gd. Genevieve (1922-2010) m. Harold Lynn Maihle

—-ggs. Bruce Lynn (1949-2017) Viet Nam vet

—-ggs. David Kent (1956- ) m. Christine Ann ____

—-ggs. Jay Allen (1957- ) m. Tammy ____ (now living on William Hill farm)

—–2Xggd. Emma

–son John  “J.R.”  (1889- ) m. Estella ___

—gs. Arthur (1924 – )

—gs. Leroy (1925 – )

—gd. Jean (1928 – )

—gs. Dean (1930 – )

–daughter Mary Margaret (1898-1972) m. Clarence Arthur Brown (1895- ) WWI vet

-V-7. @Quincey Adams (1865-1871) died in childhood

One source lists the following “missing persons”: Sadie (1st wife of Frank?), Marjorie, (Earl) Dean, Mayme Stauffer, Renwick “Wren”, Betty Jane, and younger Dean. Can you help?

@son & daughter died at a young age
+lived on homestead & farmed

Family legend says that Captain John Dixon Hill, after the Civil War, between purchases, state land grants, and investments was able to provide farms for his four surviving sons. All remaining acres went to his sons at his death. In addition to teaching and clerking in stores, he was also able to help his sons farm. He and second wife Margaret Sarah Marshall continued to live with them until their deaths in 1915.

Documentation & Credits:

Genevieve Hill Maihle. “Family Portraits: John Dixon Hill” & Obituary

Grace Hill TeSelle, cousin. Various e-mails & Christmas letters

Dave Maihle, cousin E-mails

Other Hill cousins, including Cheryl Criswell, Kevin Miller, and Louise Droney

Untold help & documents from the late Nettie Stark & Alice Drescher, cousins

Last revised 1/28/21

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