Vitals: Johan Georg & Anna Christina Staehle

Johan(n) George (1717-1775) b. Schwaigen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany; r. York-Adams Co., PA (son of Gotfried & Sibylla Catherina Jann Staehle)

Emigration: 1732, Philadelphia

Anna Christina _____ (1723-1774) b. unknown; r. York-Adams Co.

Marriage: July 30, 1758 Northern Cape, South Africa

Children: It’s not known for certain if older children were born out of wedlock or Johan had an earlier marriage. Why was he in South Africa? What was Anna’s surname?

  1. Isaac (1745-1782)
  2. Johann Georg “George” (1747-1780)
  3. Maria Catharina (1747-1774)
  4. Gottfried “Godfrey” (1749-1854)
  5. Anna Barbara (1751-1782) b. unknown; r. Monagham Twp., York Co., PA (m. Joseph Baush – our line)
  6. Christina ( 1768-1845)


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