Joseph Ulrich & Dodorea/Dorothea Mueller Mishler

J(acob/Joseph?)* Ulrich Mishler/Mischler (1700/15-1756/70) b. Germany or Swartzenberg, Welden Canton, Switzerland; r. Blue Mountain, Berks Co.; Lancaster Co.; or Whiteland, Chester Co., PA (son of Ulrich b. 1687/95?) See below.

(Anna) Dodorea/Dorothea Mueller (Zug) (1710/15-1780/89) b. Baden-Wurttemberg, Swiss-Germany; r. Bernville, Berks Co., PA; and/or Lebanon, & Chester Cos. (possibly daughter of Ulrich Mueller)

Marriage: m1. Dodorea is thought to have first married Christian Zug; m2. before 1730; some list a child (Veronica?) “Anna,” (c. 1710-1829) – could she have been from a first marriage for Joseph or a sister? She is believed to have married our Christian Daniel Miller, Sr.

Emigration: 1711 from Switzerland to Rheinland-Pfalz (palatinate), Germany; 1728 to Baden-Durlach, Wurtemburg, Germany; and 1737 from Germany to Philadelphia via Charming Nancy or 1749 via Phoenix. Daughter Veronica had emigrated in 1749 and married Christian in 1749.

*Joseph signed his oath of allegiance in America in perfect German script, while a Jacob signed only with an “X.” Therefore, it’s believed that Joseph was the father and Jacob was his minor (over age 16). Joseph, Jr. was too young to sign.

Burials: Northkill Amish Burial Grounds, Berks Co., PA (See cemetery “Show map” for GPS) This may have been the farm of Bishop Jacob Herztler.

Children: exact order unknown

1. Catherine (c.1728/30-1758/87) b. Baden-Wurtemberg Eutingen/Pforzeihm; r. Lancaster Co., PA (m. Johannes Casper Diefenbach)
2. Jacob S. (1730/35-1810/4) b. Europe; r. Comru Twp., Berks & Lancaster Cos.
3. Christina (c. 1734-1817) b. Durlach, Stadt Karlsruhe, Badden-Wuertemberg, Germany; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Joseph Christian Speicher, Sr. – our paternal line)
4. Joseph S. (1732/35-1814) b. Germany; r. Berks, Lancaster, & Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co. (from 1772)  (m. Elizabeth Berkey, cousin in Susan’s paternal line) oldest son Christian married Susanna Miller, daughter of Hannes “Indian John” Miller, father of several of our Miller-Krause cross marriages.
5. F/Veronica “Freny” or “Fannie”@ (1736-1785) b. Germany; r. Berks & Somerset Co. (m. Christian Daniel Miller, Jr. — an in-law of ours)
6. Anna Elizabeth# (1736/8-1784) b. Germany; r. Somerset C0. (m. Jacob S. Berkey – also our paternal line)
7. Christian ( ) b. Germany; r. Somerset Co. (m. Susannah Miller)

@”Freny” and Christian Daniel, Jr. were sister-in-law and brother to Susan’s maternal “Indian John” Miller, a Krause ancestor of southern Somerset County
#Anna Elizabeth & Jacob S. Berkey were ancestors of Susan’s paternal Millers of Northern Somerset County


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