From an Historical Sketch of Longswamp Reformed Church

Jacob Weimer
from Volume I
(reported 1761-1810)

It has pleased God at all times, that in all the world the Gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ shall be preached. For this reason it has also pleased God to raise up men in this continent to preach the Gospel. Hence, in all kinds of places churches and meeting houses have been erected. To this end the members of the congregation in Long Swamp, Reformed according to the Word of God, decided to build a church, about September of the year of our Lord 1748, and they elected as directors and architects from among their members, Joseph Biery and Samuel Borger [Burger]. These two continued the work in the name of the Lord and with his blessing, and also with the assistance of other church members and such loving hearts as helped in the work. The names of those who contributed follows:

Vorsteher [Head or Principal]: Joseph Biery and Michael Niterauer

Vorst [First in rank below the Head]: Samuel Borger, Philip Burger [his brother], Lebolt Kreber, Nicholas Keiser, Theobalt Carl, Peter Keiser, Jacob Fenstermacher, and Jost Sasemanshausen

Cantor [Presenter]: Fridrig Helwig, Peter Walbert, and Phillip Fenstermacher

Vorst: Barnhart Fegli, Johannes Thiel, Heinrich Stricker, Peter Butz, Nicholas Swartz, David Mertz, Peter Mertz, Heinrich Bollinger, and Christian Ruth

Church Account of January 3, 1773, by Phillip Burger, Peter Butz, Michael Niederauer, and Christian Miller [probably another of our Miller ancestors]

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