Table of Contents: Miller


Our Joseph “Yost” Miller Family Tree

Vitals: Joseph Miller, Sr. Family

Causes of Death: Miller & Associated Families (.pdf link)

Photo Album: Miller

Research/Writing in Progress

Exodus From Germany

Last revised: 3/12/17

Commentary on “Exodus From Germany”

Last Will & Testament of Joseph Miller III (1860)

The Miller Family of Iowa: Katelyn to Joseph

A Letter to Family in Iowa After a Wedding (1906)

1910 Miller Reunion Article

The Lost Civilization of the Quemahoning

Richard & the Bull

The Gunner & The Riveter

Richard Miller’s 35 Missions Over Germany in WWII

A Diary of D-Day: As kept by Richard O. Miller (1920-2015)

Excerpts: Greisinger’s A World Away but Close to Home

Another Unusual Somerset County Miller: “Saucy Jack”

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