Vitals: Capt. James, Jr. & Jane Carnahan Jack

James, Jr. (1728-1776) b & r Newton Twp., Cumberland Co., PA (son of James, Sr. & Elizabeth McNulty)
-military: Captain in Revolutionary War
-burial: Big Spring Cemetery, Newville, Cumberland Co.

Big Spring Cemetery, Cumberland Co., PA

Big Spring Cemetery, Cumberland Co., PA

Jane Carnahan (1722/4-1790/5  ) b. Legional Co., Antrim, NI; r. Newton Twp. (daughter of “The Indian Fighter” Capt. James & Margaret Janny/Janey Carnahan; Homemaker)

Wedding: 1744, Newton Twp. (Some sources say in Legoniel, Country Antrim, NI)


1. Patrick (1745-1817) b. Green Spring, Newton Twp., Cumberland Co., PA; r. Allman’s Run, Indiana Co., PA (m. Anna Story Watson)
2. Margaret Eleanor “Nellie” (1746-1820) b. Green Spring; r. Cumberland Co., PA
3. John “Jack” (1747-1815) b. Green Spring; r. East Huntingdon Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA (Is this the John credited with writing the “Hannastown Resolves”?) (m. Nancy McCoy-probably sister to brother Andrew’s wife)
4. James III (1748-1823) b. Green Spring Twp.; r. Bull Creek, West Deer, Allegheny Co., PA)
5. Mary Jane (1749-1821) b. Green Spring; r. Newton Twp. (m. John Cooper; our line)
6. Mary “Polly” (1754-1808) b. Green Spring; Cumberland Co. (m. John Herron)
7. Elizabeth “Bettie” (1760-1824) b. Green Spring; r. Lewisville, PA
8. Margaret Jane “Peggy” (1762-1821) Green Spring; r. Newton Twp.
9. Andrew (1764/70-1884) b. Green Spring; r. Natchez, MS (m1. Elizabeth McCoy-probably sister to brother John’s wife); m2. Nancy Carnahan-possibly a cousin)
10. Nancy Agnes (1764-1833) b. Green Spring; r. Kent, Indiana Co., PA (m. Patrick Hunter)
11. Cynthia (1767-1827) b. Hopewell Twp., PA; r. Cumberland Co.
12. Hannah (1768-1815) b. Cumberland Co.; r. Middle Spring, PA (m. James Wills)
13. Jemima (1770-1839) b. Green Spring; r. Derry, Westmoreland Co.,PA


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