Historical & Genealogical Places of Interest, North Park, Allegheny County, PA

Larry Pearce
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  1. Cross Roads Cemetery, Rt. 910 north and east of the park – five generations of the Pearce, Austen, Moon and other of our families are buried here. The Presbyterian church, established in 1826, was relocated east in 1974.

2. Old Salem Church site, corner Rt. 910 & Pearce Mill Road – This, the Pearce family Methodist church, was relocated west to Wexford, closer to rail transportation, in 1924.

3. Marshall Island, old mill pond – both Ralph Pearce (1917-2002) and son Larry proposed to their wives on the narrow bridge leading to this nature preserve.

4. Pearce Family homestead & mill (1820-1917) – birthplace of three generations of Pearces, including Ralph, now Administration Building for the park.

5. Pearce Grove – on original Pearce farm property, just below the Administration Building.

6. School House Grove – on the foundation of one-room Walters School where many of the Pearces attended elementary school.

7. Flagstaff Hill – at the base of which sits Walters School site & beyond which is Guyton Cemetery, where Henry and Sarah are believed to be buried.

8. Moon Grove – site of Moon family homestead & farm.

9. Henry Moon Tavern & Inn, Babcock Blvd. – foundation of what is believed to be an original area settlement established by our patriarch.

10. Joseph & Alice Moon Hill Homestead, Babcock Blvd. – One of four farms believed to have been provided by Capt. John Dixon Hill to his sons after the Civil War.

For additional information and photos, see the “Table of Contents” for each Pearce-associated family at E-gen.info . Various maps of the park are available at the Administration Building or by Googling “North Park Allegheny Co PA map.” If you take our tour, we’d like to get your impressions in the inquiries box below or by e-mail, and we will share them with our readers.

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