Some Cemeteries in Western PA/OH Containing Family

Larry Pearce
(See Vitals for pictures & GPS)(Click to enlarge/Back arrow to return)

1.  Jeromesville, OH, old Rt. 30 – Ambrose & Susan Austen 

2. Leesburg, PA, Rt. 19 –William & Sarah Hill 

3. Mars, Evans City Rd. – John D. & Margaret Hill  and Carl & Jean Pearce

4. North Park area: Cross RoadsRichard & Susan Pearce, Charles & Permelia Pearce, Wesley & Bessie Pearce, Dale & Helen Pearce,* Charles & Sarah Austen,* Joseph, Jr. & Susan Moon; GuytonHenry & Sarah Moon; Allegheny County MemorialJoseph & Alice Hill, and Ralph & Ruth Pearce

5. Old Pine Creek, Allison Park, Rt. 8 – Thomas & Pamelia Nelson 

6. West Deer Twp., Rt. 910: Bull CreekWilliam & Elizabeth Gray, Robert & Annie Gray, Paul & Bertha Gray, as well as other Leslie & Gray ancestors & relatives; and East Union: William & Rachel Campbell 

7. Mt. Royal, Glenshaw, Rt. 8 – Thomas A. & Jane Campbell 

8. Greenwood, Sharpsburg, Rt. 8 – Thomas &  Mary Campbell; James & Sarah Crawford plus other Austens, the H.J. Heinz family, and other famous folks

9. Hiland Presbyterian, Perry Hiway – John & Annie Nelson  

*Indicates relationship other than parents/grandparents, i.e. brothers, uncles, aunts, or cousins

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