A Menu of Articles to Finish

 (Last update 4/25/17
for complete list see right-hand column
of Homepage & Table of Content dates)

Family           Tentative title/Subject                  ( Comments )


Post Death Certificates                   (Scan) OK-see each general family
“Research/Write in Progress”       (Work ongoing)
“Genealogy 101”                               (complete but will revise for national publication)

“Wiltshire’s Moonrakers”               (now complete)
“The Jersey Settlement”                 (see Documents)
“Miller of Mansfield”                       (Write Commentary)


“Under the Red Patch”                    (Book review – now complete along with “Robert Gray’s Civil War Journal”)
“Another RPG Letter,” etc.             (Hull Collection transcriptions & commentary                                                     ongoing – see “Table of Contents: Gray”)
“Short Stories from the Gray Family History” (Part I complete)
“James Grays in West PA”              (Research complete, now writing)
“Dr. David’s Bio”                               (Get approval)
“Bryce Glass”                                     (Research & write)


“Introduction: Joseph Miller”       (Work from other articles)


“Journey: Charles & Annie”             (now complete)
“The Early Lee Family”                     (now complete)
“Understanding the Amish”             (Research complete, now writing)

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