A Menu of Articles to Finish

(This is mostly to jog the webmaster-author’s memory;
for complete list, see right-hand column
of Homepage & Table of Content dates)

Family           Tentative title/Subject                  ( Comments )

Post avail. Death Certificates        (Scan) OK-see each general family
“Research/Write in Progress”       (Working on always)

“Our Sustainable House”               (Now completing final draft)
“The Jersey Settlement”                 (see Documents)
“Miller of Mansfield”                       (Write Commentary)

“Another RPG Letter,” etc.             (Hull Collection transcriptions & commentary                                                     ongoing – see “Table of Contents: Gray”)
“Dr. David’s Bio”                               (Get approval)
“Bryce Glass”                                     (Research & write)

“Introduction: Joseph Miller”       (Work from other articles)

General research and revisions

Last revised: 1/3/18

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