Table of Contents: Austen

See Table of Contents: Pearce for additional articles


Our Austen Family Tree

Vitals: The Ambrose Austen Family of Kent, UK

Last Will & Testament of Ambrose Austen, Sr.

On the 200th Wedding Anniversary of Susan Austen & Richard Pearce

Research/Writing in Progress

The Austen-Pearce Original Family Narrative (OFN)
Commentary on the OFN

The Ambrose Austen, Sr. Family of Kent, UK
Our Austen Origins by Brian Austen

Miscellany from the Austen Family Association

Faith of our Fathers:
Part I-before 1820
Part II-1820 until now

A Letter From England Re: The Austens

Sparks Bird: One Unusual In-law

Famous Austen Navy Test Pilot (.PDF)

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