Table of Contents: Austen

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Our Austen Family Tree

Vitals: The Ambrose Austen Family of Kent, UK

Some Cemeteries in Western PA/OH Containing Family

Last Will & Testament of Ambrose Austen, Sr. (1757-1841)

Will of Thomas Austen (1740-1801) of Yalding, Kent, UK

On the 200th Wedding Anniversary of Susan Austen & Richard Pearce

Historical Places of Interest, North Park, Allegheny Co, PA

Locating Family Sites in Western PA & Ohio

Some Community Facebook Pages: Pearce-Austen Families

The Austen-Pearce Original Family Narrative (OFN)
Commentary on the OFN

The Ambrose Austen, Sr. Family of Kent, UK
Our Austen Origins by Brian Austen

Miscellany from the Austen Family Association
Austen-Pearce Reunions and Contacts

Faith of our Fathers:
Part I-before 1820
Part II-1820 until now

A Letter From England Re: The Austens

Cousins Corner: In Memoriam Caroline Pinkers (1931-2014) &
Marge Austen (1932-2009)

The Thomas P. & Lydia Allison Austen Haunted House

Sparks Bird: One Unusual In-law

Famous Austen Navy Test Pilot (.PDF)

Research/Writing in Progress

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