Vitals: Capt. James, Jr. & Margaret Mary Janny Carnahan

Capt. James “The Indian Fighter,” Jr. (1692-1795) b. Legoniel, County Antrim, Northern Ireland; r. Newton, Cumberland Co., PA (son of James, Sr. & Marian Carnahan)

Margaret Mary Janny (1698-1722) b. Kilmeen, County Mayo, Ireland; r. Newton (daughter of Joseph Janny)

Marriage: 1714, Dublin

Emigration: between 1729 & 1733 (uncertain) “to a bend of the Conodogwinet in what is now Cumberland County.”

Children: some of the names & dates are questionable

1. Hugh (1709/30-1781)
2. William (1711-1790)
-military: fought in the American Revolution
3. Joseph, Sr. (1715-1755)
4. Cpt. James Alexander (1719-1790) (m. Hanna Power)
-military: fought in the American Revolution
5. John (1720-1778)
6. Mary Jane (1722-1790) b. County Antrim?; r. Cumberland Co. (m. James Jack, Jr. – our line)
7. Mary (1737-1785)
8. Elizabeth (1738-  )
9. Adam (1739-1793)


Blanche T. Hartman. The Smiths of Virginia

Various Public Member Family Trees & other documents.


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