Vitals: Thomas & Jane Pearce

Thomas (1751/60-1797) b. Mildenhall, Marlboro, Wiltshire Co., UK ; r. Wiltshire Co. (Parents possibly William & Catherine*)

Jane White? (1767-1811) b. Potterne, Wiltshire Co.; r. Wiltshire Co. (Parents unknown) One source says that Jane was  only 16 when she married.

Marriage: 1783, Potterne, Wiltshire?

Children: Were the older children born out of wedlock or from an earlier marriage?

1. Betsey (1777-  )
2. Robert (1780-1780) died in infancy
3. Charlotte (1782-1856)
4. Richard (1786-1861) b. Chittoe/Bromham, Wiltshire Co.; r. Pine Twp., Allegheny Co., PA; Twin to Sarah (m. Susan Austen, Charles’ sister – our line)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery, Pine Twp.
5. Sarah (1786-1868) b. Chittoe/Bromham, Wiltshire Co.; r. Pine Twp.; Twin to Richard (m. Charles Austen, Susan’s brother)
-buried: Cross Roads Cemetery
6. Jacob? He does not appear in the Bromham baptismal records

*Grandparents possibly Thomas & Jane of Mildenhall, Marlboro, who count 2 sets of twins, including Thomas & Jane (b.1692), among their 7 children in 12 years.


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See also Pearce & Austen family trees


Last revised 11/20/18

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