Vitals: Thomas & Mary Martin Austen

Thomas (1740-1801) b. Marden, Kent Co. or Petworth, Sussex Co., UK;  r. Yalding, Kent Co.,UK: yoeman farmer, Heresfield Farm (son of John or Anthony & Mary Wilde Austen*)

Mary Martin* (1740-1757/62) b. Newlands, Keymer, Sussex Co., UK; r. Yalding (daughter of Henry & Mary Payne Martin)

Marriage: 1762. Keymer, West Sussex

Children: birth order uncertain

  1. Mary (1771-1854) b. Smarden (?) or Marden or East Peckham, Kent (m. Thomas Welfear, 1794, 6 children)
  2. John (1770- ) b. Marden; He and Mary may have been only products of Thomas’ second wife, Mary Martin
  3. Sarah (1754/60- ) b. Marden; r. Horsmonden & Aylesford (m. Thomas Clark,  1778, 6 children)
  4. William (1758-  ) b. Marden
  5. Ambrose (1757-1843) b. Kent County; r. Enfield, London & Jeromesville, Wayne Co., OH (m. Susannah Beard – our line, 1779)
    -buried: Jeromesville Cemetery
  6. Other possible children are Charles  (  ), Ann (1750-1769), Thomas, Jr. (1762- ), Jeffrey (1765- ), and James (1765 – ) who might have been Jeffrey’s twin.

*One tree has Thomas’ father as William married to an Ann with a brother Samuel married to Mary Allingham. This historian believes that a Thomas (baptized 1723) was first married to Ann Burr (baptized 1721) and reared seven children, including Ambrose,  before later marrying Mary Martin and producing two more children. Our Thomas’ Will, written in 1795, refers to Mary as “my now wife.” Could this Thomas have had a father Thomas, Sr.? The Will mentions a “Thomas, the Elder,” but was this his aged father or  could this have been a title for perhaps a cousin from their Baptist tradition. The birth dates of the first children, including Ambrose, seem more in line with this “Two Thomas” theory.


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