Vitals: Jacob S., Sr. & Elizabeth Mishler Berkey

Jacob S. (1735/8-1805) b. Berne Twp., Berks Co., PA; r. Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Christian F., Sr. & Catrina Seiler/Saylor Burkey)

m1. Elizabeth Blough* (1737-1813) b. Berne, Switzerlnd; r. Somerset Co. (daughter of Christian & Elizabeth Gastelli Blough)

m2. (1761) Elizabeth Mishler* (c. 1740-bef. 1778) r. Somerset Co. (daughter of Joseph/Jacob & Anna Dodera Mischler)

  • researchers Brian Ensley, Dennis Buerge, and Sally Huntley don’t agree on the order of these two marriages


  1. Elizabeth (  ) b. Berks Co.
  2. Veronica “Frany” (1763-1838) b. PA; r. Somerset Co. (m. Benedict Lehman# – our line)
  3. Magdalena (d.1832) b. Berks Co.: . Somerset Co. (m. Christian Daniel Miller, Sr.@ – our line)
  4. Jacob, Jr. (1766-1862) r. Paint Twp., Somerset Co. (m. Barbara Miller)
  5. Joseph M.(c. 1768-  ) r. Somerset Co. (m. Mary “Polly” Taylor – our line)

#Veronica “Frany”  & Benedict Lehman were the parents of Magdalena Lehman, wife of Hannes “Indian John” Miller, son of Christian Daniel Miller, Sr. who married @Magdalena Berkey above. All are also ancestors of Susan’s maternal family of southern Somerset County.


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