Vitals: Johannes Michael, Sr. & Maria Magdalena Sauter Zimmerman

Johannes Michael, Sr. (1732-1762+?/1802) b. Germany or New Goshenhoppen, Montgomery Co., PA, or North Carolina?; r. Lancaster, Schuylkill, and Montgomery Counties & Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA (son of Johannes“Hans” Michael & Anna Elisabeth Dodderer Zimmerman)
~Emigrated: 1753 – Rotterdam to Philadelphia on Edinburgh
~Military: American Revolution, Pvt. with Cpt. Bievor’s Company, 3rd Batt. of York Co. 1776; and again in 1781 with Cpt. Stone’s Company, Lancaster Militia
~Moved: Somerset County 1784
~one source has him marrying an Elizabeth and having a Johannes (1752-1809 m. Catherine Lutz) and a Michael (?)

Maria Magdalena^ Sauter (1727/33-1801) b. Moerschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland; r. Quemahoning Twp. (daughter of Davit or Michael and Magdalena Steinmann or Maria Haniman Sauter)

Married: First Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA 1756

Buried: Family cemetery on homestead farm, Quemahoning Twp.

Children: 10? – one source says 8 girls & 2 boys, but another says 9 as follows+

1. Catherine (1757-  )+
2. Elizabeth (1759- )+
3. Catherine Elizabeth^ (1761-1823) (m.  J. Michael B. Kimmel III* – our line)
~Buried: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Stoystown, Somerset Co.,PA
4. John Michael,^ Jr.# (1760/3-1823) b. Lancaster Co.; r Quemahoning Twp. (m. Catherine Elizabeth Kimmel* – our line)
-burial: IOOF Cemetery, Stoystown, or Mt. Tabor (Zimmerman) Reformed Church Cemetery, Quemahoning Twp., PA
5. Magdalena^ (1765-  )
6. Jacob Sauter (1768-1735) b. Brunswick Twp., Schuylkill Co. (m. Mary ____, 10 children; believed to be the great-great grandfather of Daniel Burnside Zimmerman-see later story)
7. Eva (1772-1772) died in infancy+
8. Eva (1774-  )+
9. John Adam^# (1777-  )

Sometimes Matthias, Mary Laur(a), and Peter are included in this family?

^mentioned in will probated 1802, “other brothers & sisters” not named in transcription by Jan Hoth

+The confusion may be due to the custom of using names again after a child has died

#Another naming German custom begins boys’ names with Christian names, such as John, which could have been Hans, Hannes, Johann, or Johannes in earlier generations. Boys could be called by either the Christian name or the given/middle name, but confusion reigns, particularly for genealogists.

*This is possibly a case of a brother and sister marrying a sister and brother


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