Table of Contents: Pearce


Our Pearce Family Tree

Vitals of our Pearce Family

Causes of Death: Pearce & Associated Families (.pdf)

Photo Album

Research/Writing in Progress

Original Family Narrative (OFN)

Pinkers’ Commentary on the OFN

Excerpts from the “Tice-Pearce Family Heritage”

Abbreviated Commentary by Penhey

Commentary on the OFN by Penhey: Part I

Commentary on the OFN by Penhey: Part II

Commentary on the OFN by Penhey: Part III

On the 200th Wedding Anniversary of Richard & Susan Austen Pearce

Preface to Old Wiltshire Parish Marriage Register

Christianity Comes Home- in four parts
Part I: Our Families’ Faith Journey
Part II: A Short History of the Reformation
Part III: A Summary of our Recent Anabaptist Heritage Tour
Part IV: Our American Amish

Up to Speed with Wiltshire’s Famous Poet, Edward Slow:
the tale of the Moonrakers & other delights via YouTube

Settlement at Pine Creek: Part I

Settlement at Pine Creek: Part II

Settlement at Pine Creek: Part III

North Park Construction Photos (1927-1933)

Press Article (12/4/27) North Park Buffalo to Arrive

Our Family’s Move to Mars

Sons of Wesley & Bessie: Walter Earl Pearce

Sons of Wesley & Bessie: Howard Pearce

Sons of Wesley & Bessie: Ralph Hill Pearce

Dr. Annie R. Pearce: 2016 VA Tech
Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence

Serving Her Country in the Army Tradition:
Cpt. Taylor Pearce, a brief biography

Alexis Pearce: An Airstream Granddaughter

A Vacation Back to the Future: From Michigan to Iowa

Beach Day: A memory recorded for 9th grade English

Sons of Wesley & Bessie: Dale Nelson Pearce

An Early Autobiography by Aunt Helen (.pdf)

The Pearce Milling Company (1820-1927)

Pearces & Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale”

Pearces & Chaucer’s “The Reeve’s Tale”

Treasures in an Old Box

Our Contacts with Native Americans

The Pearce Blanket: Keeping the world warm

McLeod Milligan Pearce, President, Geneva College

A Visit to Bourne, Lincolnshire

Family Military Matters: Some who have served

Reunions & Contacts

Upon This Rock: Part I-The Pearce Name

Upon This Rock: Part II-Pearce Heraldry

Upon This Rock: Part III-Famous Pearces

Pearce Lines: Part I-The Old World

Pearce Lines: Part II-The New World

Using the Skaggs Files to Research the Percy Family

New Information on the Pearces of Old England

Pittsburgh in 1820: Two Families’ Attraction

Scoundrels or Heroes: Other Pearces

Faith of our Fathers (and mothers): Part I-before 1820

Faith of our Fathers (and mothers): Part II-1820 til now

The Pearces of Cambria Count, PA

The Pearces of Clearfield and Surrounding Counties, PA

Eulogy for Brother Carl

A Eulogy for Brother Carl Dale Pearce

The Father/Son Perspective: A Eulogy for Carl

Remarks on Carl’s Life by Uncle Merle

A Eulogy for Jean M. Pearce: A son’s tribute 

Sister Ellen’s Big Night at Heinz Field

Tribute to Sister Ellen by MCA-TV

“A Survivor’s Gift” from Brother Paul & Cynthia 

“Being an Adult Amateur with Stuart Pearce”
from Contrabass Conversations (26:01) blog by Jason Heath

Last Revised: 11/21/17


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