Vitals: Christian Daniel Miller, Sr. & Veronica “Anna” Mishler

Christian Daniel, Sr. (1700/8-1777/85) b. Canton Berne, Switzerland or Wurtenburg, Bavaria, Germany; r. Berks or Somerset Co., PA (son of Christian? Nicholas Miller; Farmer)

Veronica “Anna” Mischler (1710/10-1778) and/or
Barbara Holli ( )

Married: after 1720 in Germany?

Emigrated: 1737 on Charming Nancy or 1749 to Phildadelphia on Phoenix


1. Unknown daughter- Margaret Veronica “Franey”/”Ferona”? (c. 1729-1810) b. Germany; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Benedict Lehman, Jr.)
2. Hannes “Indian John” (c. 1724/31-1798) b. Germany; r. Somerset Co., PA (m. Magdelena Lehman/ Yoder; Farmer; our line)
3. Peter (1733-1757/87) b. Germany; r. Chester Co., PA (m. Anna Zug)
4. Christian Daniel, Jr.* (1734-1774/7) b. Germany; r. Shillington, Berks Co. (m1. Anna Gnaegi/Hanagy; m2. Veronica “Freny” Mischler)
5. Nicholas (1730/5-1784) b. Germany (m. Barbara Stehly)
6. Samuel C. (1739-bef. 1845) b. Germany or Berne, Switzerland; r. Berks Co. (m. Barbara ____)
7. Abraham, Sr. (1741-1812) (m. Elizabeth/Anna Hershberger)
8. Isaac (1743-1785) r. Somerset Co.

* This Daniel is believed to be the father of Abraham (1766-1821) who married our cousin Anna Hochstetler and moved to the Bruderthal, Somerset County. He was an Amish minister near Berlin. Son Christian C. (d. 1842) married Magdalena Zug and moved north to Paint/Conemaugh Twp., Somerst County. Their son Benjamin (1815-1888) and grandson Aaron (1844-1925) owned the farm that is still in the family through Paul Baer, Sr. near Hollsopple.


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